Amazon Prime Video, TV series and movies coming out in August 2020

The hottest month of the year for movie and TV series fans is coming. Prime Video doesn't disappoint expectations: lots of new releases for every genre

August is just around the corner. Whether you're about to finally go on vacation or you've just come back from your vacations, you have one certainty: you can't wait to watch a new TV series or a good movie on the couch at home, maybe with the air conditioning at maximum and a nice juice to refresh you.

Amazon Prime Video doesn't disappoint you even for the hottest month of the year, indeed it helps to raise the temperatures: August 2020 will be a very hot month from the point of view of the titles in the catalog, including famous movies, new previews and highly anticipated new seasons. From the thriller Arkansas to the film entitled In viaggio verso un sogno - The Peanut Butter Falcon with Shia LaBeouf and Dakota Johnson, up to several Italian films including Puoi Baciare Lo sposo. There will be no shortage of TV series, such as Clifford, The Hear, Top Gear and Jessy and Nessy. In short, the list is quite long and varied, all that remains is to pin the release date of all the news.

Films coming out in August 2020 on Amazon Prime Video

The e-commerce giant has many surprises for its audience next month. Between original and exclusive movies and other well-known ones, Amazon Prime Video will be able to satisfy every taste.

The first movie we recommend is an Italian production: Puoi Baciare lo Sposo will be released on the platform on August 1, 2020. It is a 2018 film that tells the story of Antonio and Paolo, two guys in love who, in order to get married and crown their dream of love, have to overcome several difficulties, including the disagreement of their parents. The second Italian film in the catalog is Una Festa Esagerata available from August 7. It tells the story of the Perascandolo family, who are busy organizing their daughter Mirea's 18th birthday party. The lavish party is jeopardized by an accident.

On August 10 will arrive on the platform Upgrade, a 2018 film focused on the figure of Grey Trace, who following an attempted robbery loses his wife and is paralyzed. After working to regain his strength, he wants to take revenge.

Escobar - the charm of evil is one of the most popular biographical films coming out on August 19. It is a 2017 production that tells the life of Pablo Escobar based on Virginia Vallejo's book, Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar. Another cult film is Amabili Resti that will be available on August 20 and there will also be Capone, written and directed by Josh Trank and from August 21, 2020 we will be able to see the film Chemical Hearts, based on the novel by Krystal Sutherland.

Arkansas is among the new releases of Amazon Prime Video, it has been distributed in the United States on streaming on demand since May 5. Directed by Clark Duke, it tells the story of Kyle and Swim, two criminals working for the powerful drug trafficker Frog. The cast includes Clark Duke himself but also Liam Hemsworth, Vince Vaughn and John Malkovich

Traveling to a Dream - The Peanut Butter Falcon will arrive on streaming August 6, 2020. Directed by Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz, it tells the story of Zack, a boy with Down syndrome who wants to become a wrestler and therefore runs away from home. On his journey he will meet Tyler, a strange outlaw who is also on the run.

TV series in August 2020 on Amazon Prime Video

The World's Toughest Race: Eco-Defense to the Fuji Islands is the 10-episode series that will be released on August 14. It's a program somewhere between a documentary and a tiered challenge and is hosted by Bear Grylls. Sixty or so teams will compete in a race through forests, streams of water and places deep in the wilderness. The goal is to prove that they can survive even in the harshest conditions of the Planet.

On August 1, the 8 seasons of 24, a thriller TV series centered on the figure of Jack Bauer, a federal agent committed to solving cases in an often unconventional way, will arrive on Amazon Prime Video. The same day will arrive Misfits, the British TV series that follows the events of a group of boys with mysterious superpowers.

Among other TV series to watch we point out the new episodes of Clifford that will be available from August 7, 2020 and the second season of Jessy and Nessy that you can watch from August 7. Top Gear (August 1) and The Head (August 5) will also appear in Prime Video's catalog.