Amazon Prime Video: what’s new in April 2021

The beautiful season brings lots of new titles to the Amazon Prime Video catalog: from movies, to TV series, to comedy shows. Here's the schedule.

April is just around the corner, and Amazon Prime Video has announced what's new for the month: from TV series to movies to funny shows. The upcoming titles are many and suitable for all tastes. Among these there will also be the long-awaited program LOL: who laughs is out, which sees the debut of Fedez and Mara Maionchi to the conduction.

As for the world of TV series, there will be an interesting new Amazon Original, or Them, horror mini-series set in the United States. But there will also be time for laughter and light-heartedness, with the show Before Pintus, centered on the personal and professional vicissitudes of the famous comedian Angelo Pintus. Alongside the series, there will also be many films. One of the most eagerly awaited is Tom Clancy's Without Remorse, directed by Stefano Sollima and inspired by the novel of the same name by Tom Clancy. In short, it will be an intense month, full of very different titles. All that remains is to discover in detail the calendar of new arrivals on Prime Video.

April 2021: TV series coming soon to Amazon Prime Video

In the month of April will arrive three new shows Amazon Original to enrich the days of subscribers to the service. LOL: chi ride è fuori is the comedy show hosted by two characters very well known and loved by the Italian public, namely Fedez and Mara Maionchi. But they will not simply be presenters, but also "referees" of a real battle between famous comedians. The objective of each participant will be to make the opponent laugh with sketches of all kinds. In palio there is a prize of 100 thousand euros to give to charity. The participants are Angelo Pintus, Ciro and Fru of The Jackal, Caterina Guzzanti, Elio, Frank Matano, Lillo Petrolo, Katia Follesa, Luca Ravenna and Michela Giraud. The show will be available from April 1, 2021.

The second upcoming title is Them, an anthology horror mini-series. It will debut with its first season on Amazon Prime Video on April 9, 2021. It tells the story of an African-American family that moves from North Carolina to Los Angeles, in an all-white neighborhood. The series is set in the 1950s, during the historical period called "The Great Migration." The house the family moves into turns into a real nightmare, where spirits and other supernatural creatures seem to live. For the time being, it will be available in the original language.

The third and last Amazon Original title is a funny show about the life of the famous comedian Angelo Pintus. Si intitolerà appunto Before Pintus e sarà disponibile dal 19 aprile su Prime Video.

Accanto a questi contenuti esclusivi, la piattaforma si arricchirà anche di serie già famose. Ecco i titoli principali:

  • Conan il ragazzo del futuro (1° aprile)
  • Zak Storm – 1° stagione (1° aprile)
  • Rocco Schiavone – 4° stagione (8 aprile)
  • Zelig Time – 2° stagione (12 aprile)
  • Bleach – 1° stagione (26 aprile)
  • Leonardo – 1° stagione (28 aprile)

Aprile 2021: film in arrivo su Amazon Prime Video

Accanto a tante serie tv, non mancheranno le pellicole. Anche in questo caso vedremo tanti titoli Amazon Original:

  • Governance – Il prezzo del potere (12 aprile): un film drammatico italiano che racconta la storia di Renzo Petrucci, un manager che perde tutto a causa di un tradimento;
  • Cosmic Sin (15 aprile): film fantascientifico, in cui una squadra di soldati è impegnata a salvare l’umanità dalla minaccia aliena;
  • Alice e Peter (22 aprile): il film che segue le vicende di Peter prima che diventasse Pan.
  • Senza rimorso di Tom Clancy (30 aprile): racconta le vicende di un membro della CIA che vuole vendicarsi della persona che ha ucciso sua moglie, ma poi si ritrova coinvolto in una cospirazione internazionale.

Questi sono tutti i film e le serie tv in arrivo ad aprile su Amazon Prime Video. Non rimane che attendere qualche giorno per guardarli tutti e rendere più piacevoli le giornate della bella stagione.