Amazon Prime Video: what’s new in July 2021

With the arrival of July 2021, Amazon Prime Video's catalog is renewed: what's coming in streaming next month

Films, TV series and documentaries: Prime Video as every month updates and raises the offer of content to watch in streaming from July 1. There are many new products in the pipeline during the year from Amazon Original productions that will finally arrive exclusively on the platform.

It starts with the film The War of Tomorrow coming on July 2, but there is also great anticipation for Jolt that instead will arrive no earlier than July 23. Among the Amazon Original series, will arrive the long-awaited first season of Them always from 23, while the second seasons of El Cid and Making The Cut are scheduled between 15 and 16 July. For fans of Bridget Jones, from July 1 the entire saga of the 3 films will be available on Prime Video, along with the Karate Kid saga. For those who want to see X-files, Sons of Anarchy and 24, however, there is no time to waste: the series are coming due and then will no longer be available.

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Prime Video: movies coming in July 2021

It's going to be a really rich month of July for the Prime Video catalog, with the arrival of new titles among both Amazon Original and Amazon Exclusive productions, as well as the other movies among comedy sagas like Bridget Jones, Oscar winners like Birdman and cult films like Basic Instinct and Act of Strength. Here are the release dates and upcoming titles:

July 1: District 9, Bridget Jones's Diary, What a Mess, Bridget Jones! Bridget Jones'baby, Now You See Me - The Wizards of Crime, Fifty Shades of Grey, The Karate Kid - To Win Tomorrow, Karate Kid II - The Story Continues, Karate Kid III - The Final Challenge, Karate Kid 4, Birdman or (The Unpredictable Virtue of Ignorance), Basic Instinct, The Shape of Voice, Assassin's Creed, The First Knight and Total Recall - Act of Strength.

July 2: Tomorrow's War (Amazon Original)

July 8: 10 Days Without a Mom

July 9: Manchester By the Sea, Ben is Back, Blackout Love (Amazon Exclusive)

July 13: Demon Slayer: the Mugen Train (Amazon Exclusive)

July 15: The Witch - Want to Hear a Fairy Tale? Proximity

16 July: Seberg - In the Crosshairs, Wake of Death

19 July: Boss Level (Amazon Exclusive)

22 July: Romans

23 July: Jolt

25 July: The Man on the Train

28 July: Gunpowder Milkshake (Amazon Exclusive)

Prime Video: TV Series Coming in July 2021

New things in this July 2021 TV series as well, including original productions and new seasons coming soon. Here are dates and titles:

July 1: 4 Blocks - third season

July 15: El Cid - second season (Amazon Original)

July 16: Making The Cut - second season (Amazon Original)

July 23: Them - first season (Amazon Original)

July 26: Bleach - fourth season

Prime Video: titles expiring in July 2021

The renewal of Prime Video's catalog also means that some movies and TV series come to an end: after that date they will no longer be available to stream for free. Here's what they are:

July 6: X-Files

July 9: Fairy Tales

July 14: Sons of Anarchy

July 22: 1917, The Rhythm Section

July 29: The Day Thief

July 31: 24

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