Amazon renews the Echo range and focuses on design

Amazon launches the 4th generation of Echo and Echo Dot: the smart speaker range renewed in design and functions

Amazon renews the entire Echo range and launches its 4th generation smart speakers, focusing mainly on a new design and expanding functionality. The arrival of the AZ1 Neural Edge chip improves the machine learning of the smart speakers and allows for greater integration with the Alexa assistant.

Amazon's family of devices, made of recycled materials and with energy-saving modes, consists of the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot with clock, Echo Dot Kids Edition and Echo Show 10. For the "classic" fabric-covered smart speakers, we find a new sphere design with a flat base, where an LED indicates power on and operation. The Echo Show 10 on the other hand follows you around the house, thanks to smart motion, so you don't miss a single moment of the video you're watching or video call. In addition to the Echos, Amazon on Sept. 24 also unveiled Luna, the new gaming service that challenges Google's Stadia.

Echo and Echo Dot, all the features

The new Echo and Echo Dot feature a sphere design with a flat base, covered in fabric with coloring to match the chassis and feature an LED ring that allows you to check for power and proper operation. The Echo's new woofers and tweeters provide Dolby stereo sound that is both clean and dynamic. In addition, they are optimized to match the acoustics of the room you're in and minimize the effect of background noise, so you can enjoy your music anytime and in the best way possible.

The use of the first generation of AZ1 Neural Edge processors made by Amazon and based on machine learning for better "learning" of the Echo, which learns the habits of the user and trains to improve all interactions between the user and the integrated assistant Alexa.

Echo Dot with clock and Echo Dot Kids Edition, the differences

Echo Dot is also available in versions with clock and Kids Edition. Echo Dot with clock offers a simple LED display that allows you to control the time, temperature, timer and alarms, as well as the tap-to-snooze feature, which also becomes available for Echo and Echo Dot.

The kids' version, on the other hand, is called Echo Dot Kids Edition, whose cover varies and offers cute colors with panda or tiger prints. The smart speaker for kids allows you to set alarms with animal sounds, reminds toddlers to do their homework and helps parents with monitoring. Echo Dots Kids Edition is sold with a one-year Amazon Kids+ subscription, which offers families thousands of hours of Audible books for toddlers, interactive games and developing educational skills.

Unlike the regular Echo, the Dots don't have the AZ1 chip and have a less advanced audio setup with no room acoustic recognition.

Echo Show 10 and Smart Motion

The Echo range of devices also includes the new Echo Show 10, which features a 10-inch HD display that rotates with the user when interacting with Alexa. The brushless motor is silent and follows us anywhere in the room to always ensure maximum visibility of the video playing, or the best shot during video calls.

Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show 10, prices

All devices were presented on September 24 by Amazon and are already on sale on the online store. The price of the Echo speaker is about 100 euros, while Echo Dot is on sale for 50 euros. The other two versions Echo Dot with clock and Echo Dot Kids Edition are on sale for about 60 euros. The price of Echo Show 10, on the other hand, is 250 euros.