Amazon thinks about payments in Bitcoin and hires an expert

The e-commerce giant has posted a job offer: it is looking for an expert in cryptocurrency, that the time has come to pay for Bitcoin?

Amazon's payments of the future? They could be made by leveraging Bitcoins. The theory was sparked by a job ad published by the e-commerce giant that recently surfaced on the web and dedicated to the selection of an expert in cryptocurrency to be inserted shortly in the staff of the Seattle-based company.

If someone at the beginning had heavily doubted the veracity of this particular research highlighted by Insider magazine, Amazon itself has untied every knot about it confirming what is in place. Certainly, in case the project is finalized and the Bitcoin is actually introduced among the accepted methodologies as well as credit cards, it would be a leap forward of utmost importance for the group founded by Jeff Bezos. To date, this currency can only be used indirectly, purchasing through particular sites gift cards to be spent later on purchases. Nothing easier, on the horizon: a click to choose the mode and go shopping.

Amazon and Bitcoin, what the company is looking for

Right now, according to what is obviously reported in the staff selection notice spread on the web through the dedicated section of the official website, Amazon is choosing an experienced "product leader" to develop the "Amazon digital currency and blockchain strategy and product roadmap".

Among the characteristics required by the figure, an excellent background not only in blockchain, but also in Central Banks' digital currencies, i.e. "coins" issued in digital form by the Central Banks of various countries, distributed ledger technologies, i.e. systems of nodes in a network that exploit the same database, and cryptocurrencies in general. In addition to this, there must be a good dose of leadership and ability to identify new forms of investment.

Cryptocurrencies and online payments, does Amazon follow Apple?

The possible introduction of cryptocurrencies is not a complete novelty in the world of Big technology. Just last May, Apple shared a similar announcement for a business development manager to be introduced in the "alternative payments" sector. The person would have to present previous experience with providers specializing in these payment methods, including those with virtual currency.

While Amazon on its side has shown a willingness to take the plunge after ongoing innovations in the cryptocurrency space, it hadn't been so open to the opportunity in the past. In fact, in 2017, CEO Andy Jassy had pointed out that, as head of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) division, there weren't many instances of practical uses (and consequently interest) in blockchain for the company. A change of course? We'll have to see.