Amazon unveils Echo Show 15 with a huge screen

Amazon's new smart display offers, at a bargain price, a 15.6-inch screen and innovative features thanks to a new chip developed in house

There's a new device in Amazon's smart speaker family: the e-commerce giant has in fact unveiled the new Echo Show 15. As the name implies, it's a smart display (i.e. a smart speaker with a screen) with a whopping 15 inches. But the size of the screen is only one of the important features of this new device.

Probably, in fact, Echo Show 15 is the most sophisticated and intelligent Echo device ever presented by Amazon: it is in fact equipped with the new Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge chip, which enables features never seen before on an Echo as the Visual ID, that is, the ability to allow the device to identify who is in front of him and offer him a personalized user experience. This is also why the Home screen on Echo Show 15 has been redesigned. The quality of the screen, then, allows Echo Show 15 to stand as a replacement for the kitchen TV to view streaming content, on par with a Smart TV.

Echo Show 15: technical features

Amazon Echo Show 15 looks like a framed photo: its design is modern and essential and different from all other smart displays, even from Amazon. It has a 15.6-inch screen, with Full HD resolution, and a hole for the camera on one of the corners.

The camera can be covered with a mechanical switch and the display can be oriented either vertically, like a tablet or a huge smartphone, or horizontally, an ideal choice for watching streaming content from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or other platforms.

Thanks to Amazon's new proprietary AZ2 Neural Edge processor, with four-core architecture, and new machine learning inference engine the Echo Show 15 can identify the person in front of it (after registering a profile).

All of this, combined with the power of Alexa, allows the Echo Show 15 to display reminders from each family member, personalized shopping suggestions, a personal shopping list, recipes for one's favorite dishes and more.

The camera is 5 MP and can also be used for video calls and for the Drop in function, present on all smart devices with screen and/or speaker from Amazon.

Echo Show 15: how much does it cost and when does it arrive

In light of the huge 15-inch screen, the price of Amazon Echo Show 15 is absolutely competitive: it will cost at 249.99 euros. However, Amazon has not yet disclosed when it will be possible to buy it, nor has it put it up for pre-order yet. However, it is certain that it will also arrive in Italy.