Amazon wants to reinvent radio

Amazon has a new Clubhouse competitor in mind: it's called "Project Mic" and wants to democratize and reinvent radio by turning everyone into a DJ

It's called "Project Mic", it's Amazon's next venture, it's a Clubhouse-style service, but with much higher ambitions: to democratize and reinvent radio, allowing everyone to become a DJ and radio speaker, with a potential audience of millions of listeners.

The new Amazon service, discovered in advance by The Verge, will initially launch in the United States only. Amazon did not respond to requests for comment, but The Verge was able to view an early draft of the app with which "Project Mic" will be deployed. From what we know at the moment, the new project will be focused not only on voice but especially on music: it is not, therefore, a podcast service or yet another imitation of Clubhouse, but something much more pop and with a potentially infinite audience. The secret of Project Mic, in fact, will be its connection with Amazon Music.

Amazon Project Mic: what it will look like

According to information reported by The Verge, the app will have an initial screen that will show all live audio, with trending topics indicated with hashtags. Users will be able to search for content by topic, creator name or music track.

About music tracks: creators will be able to draw from the Amazon Music catalog to create a "radio" program to send online, then intervene live with their own voice between one track and another. Users, on the other hand, will be able to interact with these online "radios" through Alexa voice commands and listen to the stations live on Amazon smart speakers. There will also be a way to interact with creators, again through smart speakers, just as people used to use their phones to call radio stations.

It will be local radio

In addition, Amazon's new service will have something completely different than all of its competitors: it will be localized. It will be possible to find out who's broadcasting nearby, and creators will be able to monetize their content with paid ads from businesses in the area.

When this will all arrive is unknown, but the large amount of details already leaked suggests it might not be long before we see, and more importantly hear, Amazon Project Mic.