Amazon’s smart TV with integrated Alexa is coming

Amazon is ready to expand its brand's electronic products: it's working on its own smart TV with integrated Alexa

E-commerce giant Amazon is preparing to launch a new electronic challenge. After the smart displays, Fire TV Stick, Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets, now a smart TV with Alexa integrated could also arrive.

To raise the news of the next Amazon smart TV is the site Business Insider, which reveals how the e-commerce giant is ready to enter a new market sector, that of smart televisions. Once again, Amazon bets on the artificial intelligence of Alexa, its voice assistant, to have a TV that is really smart, to be commanded by voice and implemented among the devices of the smart home of its brand. A decision that may prove risky in a saturated market where the convenience of use of the Fire TV Stick of the brand is already imposed, as happened for smartphones in 2015: the Fire Phone was a flop and was immediately withdrawn. All that remains is to wait for the arrival of Amazon TV to see what the results will be.

Amazon smart TV: how it will be

At the moment, very little is still known about the Amazon branded smart TV. According to Business Insider's source, the TV will be produced by third-party companies and not by an internal team of the e-commerce giant. Amazon is reportedly partnering with TLC to produce smart TVs with screen sizes ranging from 55 to 75 inches, but other than that there are still no rumors about possible technical features.

The only thing that is certain is that the TVs, even if produced by third parties, will have the Alexa voice assistant built in and will support all the artificial intelligence features developed by Amazon. Less clear, however, if the new Amazon smart TVs will be equipped with the Fire TV software already used for the brand's Fire TV Stick. For sure, there will be no shortage of the integrated Prime Video app to be able to watch the best TV series, movies, documentaries and now also the Champions League matches in streaming.

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Amazon smart TV: when it arrives and how much it costs

According to reports from Business Insider, the new Amazon smart TVs will arrive in the United States by October 2021, just as Cyber Monday shopping approaches. After the U.S. launch, if the market response is good, Amazon may decide to extend the sale to Europe as well.

To date, Amazon already sells TVs with Fire TV, but carrying the manufacturers' branding. The first Amazon smart TVs have actually been on sale under the AmazonBasics brand in India for a year now, but these are low-cost products. It's unclear whether the new smart TVs coming to the U.S. will have top-of-the-line features, and prices, or if once again the ecommerce company will focus on inexpensive but quality products.

While waiting to see what Amazon's smart TVs will look like, those who have an old TV will be able to turn it into a smart TV simply by purchasing a Fire Tv Stick with Alexa built in. Precisely for this reason, there are those who fear that the novelty coming to smart TVs may not have a hit, just like what happened with the flop of the Fire Phones, the Amazon-branded smartphones launched in 2014 and withdrawn after just one year.

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