Android 11 will fix airplane mode problems

With Android 11, a new feature could arrive that would improve intercontinental travel. By changing the airplane mode, in fact, it will be possible to use headphones

Those who like to listen to music from their smartphone while traveling by plane will certainly know that before closing the carry-on baggage you must remember to also insert a pair of traditional headphones, that is with wire. This is because, when we activate Airplane mode on the smartphone, we cannot use Bluetooth.

Airplane mode, in fact, turns off all wireless connections: data network, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth. Theoretically, in fact, Bluetooth could interfere with aircraft radio equipment and create safety issues. With Android 11, however, this could all be overcome and users of Google's next mobile operating system may finally be able to use Bluetooth headsets while in flight. At the moment, this is not a certain change to the next version of Android, because Google might decide not to include it even at the last minute.

Bluetooth on airplane: the solution from open source

Since 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration, that is the American public body that draws up the rules of aviation safety, has opened the possibility to use some Bluetooth devices during the flight: those with short-range transmission. The problem, however, is that tapping on Airplane mode turns off everything wireless, without distinction between short, medium or long range transmissions. The solution could come from AOSP, the Android Open Source Project.

Bluetooth in Airplane: what changes with Android 11

The change, published by Google developer Ugo Yu, consists in not completely turning off Bluetooth, even in Airplane mode, if two Bluetooth profiles in particular are already active: Bluetooth A2DP and Bluetooth Hearing Aid. These are, in both cases, profiles for using Bluetooth to connect with short-range wearable devices, just like in-ear headphones. If Google introduces this small change in the official Android 11 code, then, all you'll need to do is turn on and pair your headphones before setting up Airplane mode to continue listening to music with your wireless earbuds.