Android 12 changes the interface: here are the news

Android 12 is in full testing phase and the first news are starting to arrive: the user interface will be redesigned and made simpler and cleaner.

We're still several months away from the official launch of Android 12, scheduled for August-September 2021 if there are no serious problems like those of last year, but on the net begin to appear the first images showing the changes made by Google to the user interface. Renewed graphics, user-friendly choices and a privacy manageable quickly and easily would be the basis of the new version of the green robot software.

The information, shared on the net by the website XDA Developers, would be extrapolated from a first draft of the documentation produced by Google with the changes made to the UI in the new version of its operating system. As always happens with the versions of Android, this is the phase in which many new features jump out, but are not always confirmed in the official and final version. That's what the testing phase is all about: gathering feedback from users and, above all, from software developers who will then have to create apps compatible with the new version of Google's mobile operating system. Obviously, the restyling of the interface won't be the only novelty coming but, as you can imagine, it represents a fundamental aspect in terms of usability.

Android 12: notifications in evidence and more readable

More readable, with a background that changes from transparent to opaque: this is how notifications should be transformed, remaining separate from conversations with which they will be called to share a style with more pronounced rounded edges. In the same interface the Quick Settings also change, decreasing in number (from 6 to 4) but increasing the size of the icons.

Android 12: how privacy changes

Following Apple's choice of the orange dot, with Android 12 Big G would then be ready to introduce an indicator to signal the activation of the microphone and camera by the apps. In this case, the UI shows an icon in the status bar, expandable on tap to know the apps that are using the sensors. The choice, surely appreciated by users, comes after two years of testing and will allow - should it appear in the final version of the operating system - to be always informed about who is using such features.

Still talking about privacy, the dedicated section of the Settings menu could also undergo a makeover in Android 12. With new toggles in the section, such as those dedicated to enabling and disabling microphone, camera and geolocation, it becomes easier for the user to locate and manage them as needed. This isn't really a new feature, but a more practical arrangement of the toggles that could previously be managed by a single command in the quick settings, but only after activating the developer options.

Android 12: the Conversations widget

The last element to undergo a total change of image, according to documentation from XDA Developers, is the one related to the widgets section. The widget dedicated to conversations, with recent messages, missed calls and activities in evidence, would be the one to be renewed. The widget shows itself structured in single notifications, placed on two columns. Obviously, as already anticipated, all information must be confirmed by Google and could be subject to change until the release date of Android 12.