Android: 6 new features for 6 apps coming soon

Google has announced the launch of 6 new features intended for as many Android apps to improve their security and usefulness for its users

Six new features for six Android apps. That's the announcement Google made from its official blog, with the new features set to be available to users in the coming days. The new features affect both the security of Android devices, as well as improvements for the virtual assistant and messaging apps.

In particular, the six Android apps that will receive updates to the new features soon are Password Checkup, to save all your account credentials in your Google account. Google Messages will offer the ability to schedule sending, setting time and date. There are also new gestures for Google Talkback, along with a new menu, while Google Assistant can be used without the need to unlock the smartphone. There's also the long-awaited dark mode for Maps and interesting new features for Android Auto. Here are the new features in detail.

New Android features: Password Checkup

With Password Checkup you can save your login credentials in your Google account, making login procedures on Android devices quick and easy. The new feature lets you know if the password you're using has been exposed to any cybersecurity risk, so you can easily change it and protect your accounts. The Password Checkup update is available for Android 9 and above.

New Android Features: Google Messages

Google Messages is used by over half a billion users worldwide and will now allow you to send messages by scheduling the date and time. Scheduled sending will allow you to write the Sms, then pressing on the text box and then the Send button will bring up a pop-up to choose the date and time at which to deliver it. The new feature is available for smartphones running Android 7 or later.

New Android Features: Google TalkBack

For the blind or those who have trouble viewing the display, Android is launching the new version of the TalkBack screen reader. Among the features included will be more intuitive gestures, simplified menu, and a new menu for reading control.

New Android Features: Google Assistant

Google's virtual assistant gets better and better. Users will be able to unlock Google Assistant with their voice, even when the screen is locked. This will allow users to initiate calls, send messages or set alarms by simply saying "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" even if the phone is out of reach.

New Android features: Google Maps

It's been talked about for a while and finally Android introduces a dark theme for Google Maps. To set up the new feature as soon as the update is available, simply follow the path Settings > Theme > Always dark theme and then enjoy Google maps and in-car navigation.

New features also for Android Auto

Google announces new features also for Android Auto with the addition of custom wallpapers, as well as quiz games, such as Jeopardy! On the Start screen instead come shortcuts for convenient access to your contacts and allowing you to use the virtual assistant to complete tasks like checking the weather or viewing Goole Maps. Android Auto will be available for versions 6 and higher of the operating system of the smartphone that will be connected to the car.