Android 7.1 and the exclusive features of the Google Pixel

Android 7.1 still remains an unknown but some features will only be available on the smartphones just presented by Google

Many owners of the latest generation of Android models are trembling at the idea of being able to get their hands on Nougat, the upcoming version of the Google operating system. They're hoping to turn their smartphone into a Pixel, at least on a software level, but that won't be the case.

The new Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be the first models to host Android 7.1. The Mountain View giant, during the recent presentation in San Francisco, managed to capture all our attention on the many new features on its brand new smartphones but did not go into detail about the real features of the Nougat release "for everyone". Tra le tante novità, purtroppo, alcune saranno solo a bordo degli ultimi gioiellini made by Google come, per esempio, il Google Assistant o il nuovo Launcher con la nuova barra di ricerca e lo swipe verso l’alto per accedere al menu applicazioni.

Google Pixel sarà inimitabile


Google Pixel

Se Google non ha fornito alcun dettaglio su Android Nougat 7.1, non si è risparmiato nell’enfatizzare ed elencare tutte novità presenti unicamente sui nuovi Pixel e Pixel XL. La prima è evidente – il launcher – ossia quella applicazione che sostituisce la schermata iniziale di uno smartphone e permette di accedere più agevolmente alle applicazioni, widget e informazioni. Ebbene, il Launcher dei Pixel avrà una superficie opaca e cartelle rotonde, con lo swipe verso l’alto per accedere a tutte le applicazioni, una nuova casella di ricerca e un rinnovato widget per dati e meteo. There are those who speculate that Google will make it available to other Android models through Google Play or by replacing the current Google Now Launcher. These are, however, still rumors in search of confirmation. Another novelty in the exclusive prerogative of the new smartphones will be the long-awaited Google Assistant as a standalone function, ie usable outside of the Allo app.

Google Pixel yes, Android Nougat 7.1 no

Other exclusive new features of the newly unveiled gems from the Mountain View giant will be unlimited storage space at the highest quality for photos and videos via the cloud on Google Photos and the Smart Storage feature that automatically deletes multimedia content, already stored, when the local memory is running low. Pixels will also be offered 24-hour chat or phone support, and the ability to more quickly and securely move data between iPhones and the new Pixels via a special adapter. Among the other exclusive features of the new Google smartphones will be the much-vaunted super camera with electronic image stabilizer 2.0 accompanied by several presets - for white balance, exposure compensation and AE/AF lock - to which is added hardware acceleration for image processing in HDR+ and Smartburst modes. The rest are details like new wallpapers and sounds, dynamic icons for dates in the calendar, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor with built-in sensors that boost the functionality of the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer.