Android, after Nougat Google’s OS could be called Oreo

The senior vice-president of Android posted on Twitter a video of a cake made with Oreos. The images anticipate the name of the new version of the sist

Android Nougat, the latest mobile operating system from Google, has not yet arrived on all smartphones that already sprouts a new version of the green robot software: Android 8 Oreo. This is what emerges from some rumors circulated recently in the network.

To trigger fans and insiders was a tweet by Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice-president of Android and Chrome OS. The executive in fact posted a video of a cake made with Oreos, a well-known brand of some milk cookies. Although there's no official information about it, Lockheimer's post opens the debate among green robot users: will Android 8 be presented with the Oreo name? There is also another clue that would confirm the network's impressions: the letter O. Traditionally, looking at the history of Android, the name of the new versions of Google's operating system follows an alphabetical order. After the N of Nougat, then the O of Oreo?

Android 8 Oreo

There is then another element that reinforces the hypothesis that Android 8 will be named after the milk cookie: the choice of a sweet. Google has always used cookie, candy and chocolate names to "label" new versions of Android (KitKat, Marshmallow, Nougat). Too many coincidences to think that it was just a joke. At the moment, however, apart from Lockheimer's tweet, there is nothing else. To get some more information we will have to wait a few more days or wait for the Google I/O, the annual event that the American company based in Mountain View dedicated to developers and that this year will begin in May.