Android arrives also on cell phones: here is the new Nokia cell phone

Film of a Nokia cell phone with Android (and Google app) on board has been circulating on the Net for a few days. Few certain news about the device

Since its return to the mobile market - dating back two and a half years ago - Nokia has decided to play simultaneously on two tables. On the one hand, it has launched a new line of Android smartphones that have allowed it to earn a "place in the sun" in the sector; on the other, it has continued to produce feature phones, or more simply, cell phones.

According to some rumors, the Espoo-based company could soon start a "third front" in the world of mobile phones, creating a sort of link between the two universes. A video appeared on the streaming video platform Vimeo, in fact, shows a prototype phone that has something different than the other Nokia branded phones. We do not refer to something aesthetic, since it is an extremely simple and linear model (in the best of Finnish traditions). The peculiarity of the new model of feature phone Nokia is in the operating system: instead of the usual KaiOS we find a full version of Android.

The Nokia phone with Android: how it is

From the video uploaded to Vimeo, to tell the truth, you can not get who knows what information. What you see is a "classic" Nokia phone, with physical keys and navigation between the various apps and menu items through the central "big button". The extraordinariness of the device, as said, is not in the shape or in the hardware solutions, but in the choice made at the operating system level.

In the course of the video, in fact, you can see the icons of the most popular and used Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube. There is also space for Google Assistant, the virtual intelligence assistant that the Mountain View giant launched a few years ago. Certainly, then, that the prototype of the phone shown in the video also has connectivity to 4G network, so you can surf in complete freedom even without a Wi-Fi network at hand.

Although we do not have certain news on the launch date and state of development of the device, the source who published the video has anticipated that Google will provide some information during the event of October 15, immediately after unveiling the Pixel 4. Perhaps, the developers of Big G will show a "lite" version of Android, capable of running even on low-power devices such as simple cell phones.