Android Auto becomes stand-alone and works on all vehicles

Google Android Auto is now downloadable as a stand-alone app and works with all cars... even older ones. All you need is a suitable smartphone

If until yesterday, to use Android Auto, you needed a car with a state-of-the-art infotainment system, now all the features of the Android Auto app can be used from your smartphone without the need to buy or modify anything on your vehicle!

Google, therefore, has kept the promise made last May at the last Google I/O 2016: to bring the features of Android Auto into the cockpits of all cars, even the "older" ones. It is no longer necessary to own a compatible car - so very recent - or to buy a new system to replace the standard one, because now Mountain View's technology is available for everyone, in the form of a stand-alone application available for free download from Google Play.

Android Auto for everyone

Google Android Auto was created with the aim of bringing the services and features typical of an Android smartphone inside the cockpit of a car by interfacing with the infotainment system present. An off limitis option, therefore, for cars that are no longer "very young". Today, the possibility of downloading Android Auto as a "stand-alone" application allows everyone to use Google technology directly from their smartphone.

(taken from YouTube)

Eyes on the wheel!

To make it possible to use Android Auto in all cars, Google has specially developed an optimized interface designed to simplify interaction with applications while driving in order to minimize distractions. This is where voice commands come into play to ask for directions to your destination, play your favorite songs or make a phone call - all without taking your eyes off the road. Still missing, oddly enough, is the now familiar "OK Google" to start listening to a voice command, but it will surely pop up in the first program update.

Buttons at your fingertips

Google, in addition to the presence of voice commands, has also introduced large buttons on the touch display to use the smartphone interface even more easily, quickly and safely. The release of Android Auto could take a few days before popping up on the virtual shelves of Google Play, but Italy is anyway among the countries that will benefit from this very useful application.

(opening video taken from Google Play Store)

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