Android Auto, Google Assistant bug fixed

With five months delay Google fixes a very annoying Android Auto issue that prevented Google Assistant activation

The first report of the bug dates back to late January 2020, the solution arrived just a few days ago: with extreme slowness Google fixed the Android Auto connection issue, which made it impossible to use voice commands to many users for exactly five months.

The bug consisted of an error message: "This connection is not stable enough at the moment". The error affected dozens of devices, smartphones and connected cars, all running Android Auto, but on the smartphones it appeared only after the update to Android 10. Moreover, the fact that it was a bug and not a real connection problem was immediately evident for a very simple and clear reason: the error popped up only after a voice command launched to the Assistant. The connection, which until the previous moment had no problem, suddenly after each voice command was detected by Android Auto as insufficient or unstable. The app's support forum was stormed by angry users, but Google was in no hurry to find a solution.

Android Auto: how to fix the connection bug

In the past few days, a Google Community Specialist responded within the support forum thread to explain how to fix the connection bug on Android Auto: "The Google Assistant team has released a fix to address the 'unstable Internet connection' issue. Please update your Google app to the latest version. Let us know your feedback. Thanks!" This, at the moment, seems to be the only way to fix the problem because users who have experienced it, over the past 5 months, have done everything to get nothing: clearing the cache, reinstalling the app, installing or uninstalling various updates.

Too much time to respond

Android Auto users, then, now have the solution to the very annoying connection bug that was preventing them from using one of the system's pivotal features: voice commands. The time wasted by Google to find such a solution, however, has not pleased anyone, so much so that, on the same support forum, the negative reactions to the communication of the Community Specialist far exceed the positive ones. Certainly the Covid-19 has led Google to focus on something else, much more important, but five months to fix a bug all in all trivial seems too much just to everyone.