Android Auto, serious problems after update: how to fix

The Android Auto app suffers from a rather annoying bug that doesn't allow the proper use of Google Assistant. Here's what's going on

If you've been experiencing problems over the past few days with using Android Auto, you're unfortunately not the only one. There are dozens of reports you can find on the Net of users having problems with Google's application that allows you to use your smartphone as a car infotainment system. All the reports started popping up after the latest update released for Android Auto, but they don't affect all users.

What exactly is going on? To figure it out, just read on Reddit, a widely used social platform in the US, the thread created specifically on the topic. Many users are complaining that the Google Assistant built into the app is very slow to respond to voice messages and in some cases doesn't even let the user finish talking. This makes it virtually impossible to use the voice assistant to send messages or receive smartphone notifications. It may seem like a small thing, but in reality Google Assistant is very important, because it allows you to use your smartphone without having to be distracted while driving. Google is aware of the problem and is already working to fix it, but there's no release date for the patch yet.

Android Auto, what doesn't work after update

The latest Android Auto update seems to have mostly affected Google Assistant, which became almost unusable after the update. The app's built-in voice assistant is very slow to activate and doesn't respond properly to user requests. To all intents and purposes, it seems to be a bug, and a rather important one at that. Don't forget that Google Assistant is a great companion for all those who drive: it allows you to use your smartphone without getting distracted while driving.

This bug prevents you from using the voice assistant properly and increases the risks for those who use their smartphones while driving, which we remind you you should definitely not do.

How to fix Android Auto

Google is aware of the problem and has promised to fix it as soon as possible, but at the moment there is no reliable solution yet. What to do to temporarily fix the situation? The only workaround is to restore the previous version of Android Auto, in the hope that Google will release an app that fixes the bug as soon as possible.