Android Auto unable to answer calls: what’s going on

In the latest Android Auto update there is an annoying bug that prevents users from answering incoming calls

There is no peace for the developers of the Mountain View giant. After releasing the latest version of Android Auto, users of the green robot software dedicated to the automotive world immediately encountered a bug promptly reported to the developers. But as we all know, haste is bad advice, and in the latest update there's a hidden bug that's making it difficult to use the app.

Android Auto version 5.0 introduced a feature that all users have been clamoring for: the ability to mute incoming notifications. So far so good, except for the fact that notifications, once they arrive, remain fixed on the phone's display and to be deleted you need to manually intervene. Is that all? No, another annoying bug has immediately caused an uproar and thrown all Android Auto users into despair: you can't answer incoming calls using the steering wheel controls.

Android Auto: a new bug

In these hours many Android Auto users are complaining about the inability to accept or reject a phone call using the buttons on the steering wheel of their car. Apparently, the only way to continue using the buttons on the steering wheel to answer a call is to disconnect Android Auto and use the smartphone connected via Bluetooth to the car's infotainment system.

A big hassle for those accustomed to using Google's software. The bug manifested itself with the introduction of Android Auto version We just have to wait for the response of the developers of the Californian giant already overwhelmed by numerous reports of the first error appeared always with the update to the new version. For now, it is not known how Google will proceed to permanently resolve the two bugs, but judging by the insistence of users, developers should immediately and as soon as possible to take action. In the coming days we will certainly know more: we will keep you updated.