Android Auto Wireless per tutti e subito: come fare

C'è un modo per avere Android Auto Wireless su tutte le auto e con quasi tutti gli smartphone Android: ecco quale

Nei giorni scorsi ha destato entusiasmo la notizia che Google sta per permettere a molti più possessori di smartphone di connettere in modalità wireless il loro telefono ad una automobile compatibile con Android Auto. La connessione wireless tra auto e smartphone, infatti, è una cosa che in tanti sognano.

Per questo lo sviluppatore Emil Borconi-Szedressy di Xda Labs ha messo a punto un nuovo dispositivo che permette a molti più smartphone di usare la connessione wireless ad Android Auto, già oggi e senza attendere i tempi previsti da Google. Questo dispositivo si chiama “AAWireless“, ha un costo contenuto e si può acquistare solo sulla piattaforma di crowdfunding Indiegogo. In very simple terms AAWireless is a bridge: a small and fairly inexpensive wireless receiver that connects via USB to the car infotainment and then connects via Wi-Fi to the smartphone.

AAWireless, how it works

The AAWireless receiver is a tiny parallelepiped 5x5x3 centimeters in size. It has several connection ports, including two USB ports (one type C and one type A) and a LAN, and of course a chip for connecting to the Wi-Fi network and one for Bluetooth.

Once connected, it takes about 30 seconds to bring the screen of your smartphone on the car infotainment system. It works with all smartphones with at least Android 9 and can be updated via OTA, so we won't have to take it home and connect it to the PC every time an update is available.

AAWireless, how much it costs and where to buy it

AAWireless has a fairly low cost: $55, about 46 euros at current exchange rates. It's made in the United States and is currently only sold through Indiegogo, with an expected ship date of February 2021 (the first devices will ship in December 2020, but they're already all sold out).

Is it worth waiting that long even though Google has promised Android Auto Wireless for everyone? Yes, because Google's promise only applies to smartphones that will receive the update to Android 11 and have a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network. While the second requirement is now almost a given, it is not said that all current smartphones with Android 9 (the AAWirelss box requirement) will receive the update to Android 11.

If our smartphone is not among them, then, spending fifty euros to connect it to our car could be a good idea to increase safety while driving if we want to use the apps installed on the phone on the car screen.