Android, beware of Pornhub’s malicious app: it installs a virus

Discovered an app similar to Pornhub that instead of showing videos installs ransomware on Android devices: $100 in Bitcoin is the ransom required

It's useless to deny it, but apps that allow you to watch red light content on mobile devices are among the most downloaded. However, it's worth paying special attention, especially after the latest malware discovered: a fake PornHub app that infects Android users' devices is running.

Discovering this new cybersecurity threat were researchers from ESET, a company specializing in cyber security. According to the experts, the fake version of the PornHub app installs malware on victims' devices instead of showing videos. What makes the situation even worse is the fact that applications containing adult material are not allowed on the official Google store. This means that it is very difficult for users not to fall into hacker's traps: since they are not controlled, in fact, modified versions of many apps almost always include malicious code.

How the fake PornHub app affects you

The malicious software, which replicates the official PornHub app, strikes by installing, after a fake virus scan, malware on the victim's device. The app prevents users from watching videos unless a virus and malware check is launched first. At this point, if the unsuspecting victim carries out the instructions of the fake app, their phone "ends up" in the hands of hackers. In fact, the cyber criminals, through the ransomware installed by the app, lock the device of the unfortunate victim and demand a ransom of $100, payable in Bitcoin, to free the smartphone.

What to do to get rid of ransomware

ESET has however provided some tips to get rid of the malware without resorting to the ransom payment required by hackers. The best solution would be to perform a hard reset of the affected device and restart it in safe mode. The company suggests that if in case the malicious software managed to access administrator privileges it is good to cancel them, before deleting the application.

Watch out for unofficial stores

Experts recommend never installing apps from unknown sources as it is very likely that they include, as seen in this case, some form of malicious code. Se ci tenete ai vostri dati è necessario, dunque, scaricare app solo dagli store ufficiali.

Come difendersi dagli attacchi hacker

Cliccando sui link che seguono, invece, potrete scoprire  suggerimenti, alcuni più tecnici altri più alla portata di tutti, riguardanti la sicurezza informatica e scoprire le tipologie di attacchi più comuni: dagli attacchi DDoS al phishing, passando per le botnet.

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