Android, call recording arrives: how it works

Google is set to release a new tool to record calls directly from the Phone app. Here's how it will work

The feature for recording calls within the Phone app on Android smartphones is getting closer and closer. The first rumors came out at the beginning of the year, thanks to XDA developers who discovered phone recording in the source code of the Phone app. Now comes direct confirmation from Google, which has leaked a support page on how the tool will work.

Most of Google's attentions, logically, concern user privacy. The recording of calls has a great impact on the privacy and security of the caller's data and for this reason Big G is analyzing the rules of all countries, so as to release the tool only in countries where it is possible to record phone calls. For the moment, the list of countries in which it will be released is still unknown. To be able to use the new feature, you need to meet two other basic requirements: having a smartphone updated to at least Android 9.0 Pie and downloading the latest version of Google's Phone app.

How call recording works on the Phone app

Using call recording on Android will be extremely simple. On the screen that you activate after initiating a call in the Android Phone app, a new button will be added to start recording. There's no need to install any additional apps or anything like that.

Call Recording: Privacy Restrictions

As you would expect, Google is also preparing restrictions to preserve user privacy. Recording calls, in fact, has a significant impact on the protection of data, especially those of our interlocutor.

For this reason, the feature will only be available in certain regions, according to privacy laws, plus a sound will be added at the beginning and end of the call that will alert the receiver that the call is recorded. Also, the first time you start recording, you will be warned about local privacy laws.

The recording of phone calls will not be saved in the cloud, but only on the phone's memory.

When the new feature arrives

The timing of the new feature's release is unknown. It could arrive in the next few weeks, as well as in a few months. Google has to first thoroughly analyze the privacy regulations of various countries and then decide when to implement the tool on the Phone app. It could also be that it won't arrive in Italy due to compliance with the privacy regulations in force in our country.