Android, coming a new feature to block calls from call centers

On Android 11 should arrive a new tool that will make it easier to identify calls from call centers and nuisance

Blocking calls from call centers from your smartphone has become much easier in recent years, thanks mainly to the tools built into operating systems and the many applications that allow you to recognize the sender of the call. The work done so far by developers has been good, but still not enough to completely block the calls of call centers and more generally of jammers.

That's why on Android 11 will arrive a new feature that will allow you to block the calls of "robocalls", ie bots that automatically call a database of numbers. This is an increasingly used tool that is very annoying. In the second version of Android 11 dedicated to developers has been found a new feature that should simplify the lives of users in the fight against calls from serial nuisance. How does it work? It's very simple: phone call management apps will be able to analyze the sender's number and suggest to the user if it's a call center and gives a reason to reject the call.

In fact, it's a tool already present on Android smartphones, but with the next version of the operating system it will be enhanced and improved.

Android 11, how to block nuisance calls

A new, even smarter system to recognize calls from call centers. This is what Google developers are working on ahead of the arrival of Android 11. A new feature that will be integrated into Google's Phone app, but could also be used by other apps that specialize in recognizing call center numbers.

With the new tool, the user will not only be warned if it's a nuisance, but will also be given a reason to reject the call.

Android smartphones, how to reject calls from call centers

While waiting for the arrival of the new tool on Android 11 (which might even be cancelled when the official version of the operating system is released), there are already solutions that users can use to block calls from nuisance callers. And they are very easy to use.

If we received a call from a call center, we can put the number on a sort of black list: to do this, you need to enter the Phone app and press on the icon with three vertical dots present next to the number. A series of options will appear, including "Block Number". This way, the next time the same number tries to call you, you'll get an alert, but your smartphone won't ring.

Alternatively, you can install apps like True Caller, which will let you know even before you answer whether it's a call center or not.