Android, find more than 1,000 apps stealing your data

A company discovered SonicSpy, a fearsome spyware, inside many apps, some of which managed to sneak into the Play Store

Here we go again. Android is once again in the eye of the storm. According to Lookout, a company expert in computer security, thousands of applications containing SonicSpy, a very dangerous spyware that steals data, have affected users of the green robot.

What's really worrying is that some of the offending apps have been able to pass Google's strict controls and get into the Play Store. SonicSpy is just one of the many mobile malware detected targeting Mountain View's operating system. The virus, however, is undoubtedly, according to Lookout researchers, one of the most dangerous. Once penetrated on victims' devices, SonicSpy, in fact, is able to perform many actions that are dangerous for users' privacy, such as taking pictures and recording audio. In the Play Store, traces of the malware have been found mostly in Soniac, a messaging app.

How SonicSpy affects you

The unfortunate ones download one of the SonicSpy infected apps and install the malware on their devices. At this point, the virus first deletes the icon of Soniac, the app found by experts in the Play Store, from the victims' smartphones and then connects to a server where it downloads a modified version of Telegram. If the malware succeeds in its devious attempt, the users' cell phone is under the control of the hackers.

As seen, SonicSpy can secretly access the camera and microphone of the affected devices. And not only that. The mobile virus is also capable of making calls and sending text messages. Besides, it is also adept at accessing the call log, contact address book and even the Wi-Fi network. It seems that an Iraqi hacker is behind the malware. SonicSpy has been found in two other Play Store apps: Hulk Messenger and Troy Chat. In the meantime the software has been removed.

How to defend yourself

Although the malware in question has also been found in Google's official market, the best way to protect yourself from Android malware is to continue downloading apps only from the Play Store, avoiding installing programs from unknown platforms. Just as it is important never to click on suspicious links or open attachments from emails of dubious origin.