Android launches a tool to customize your smartphone

The green robot launches #myAndroid Taste Test, a tool that allows you to choose the wallpaper and widgets that best suit your personality

One of the reasons for the success of Android, in addition to ease of use, is definitely the ability to customize your smartphone by changing the wallpaper, installing alternative launchers to Google Now and widgets that allow quick access to applications.

The only problem is finding the wallpaper, launcher or widget that suits your needs. You can't always choose from the hundreds of possibilities that the Google Play Store provides. For this reason, the developers of the green robot have decided to develop #myAndroid Taste Test, a tool that helps users customize their Android smartphone. To use the tool, you need to log in to the specially created site and answer about twenty questions designed specifically to choose the most useful launcher and widgets for your smartphone.

How to use #myAndroid Taste Test

After completing the test, #myAndroid Taste Test will show you some suggestions on applications to install and widgets to use on your smartphone. The user will have the option to download the launcher or apps directly to the device or decide to postpone the installation. All advice is based on the answers given above and on one's own aesthetic tastes. From the various tests carried out, usually the suggested apps are those developed directly by Google, such as Gboard or Google Now.