Android, now you can mix emoji: how it works

Do you have an Android smartphone? Soon you'll be able to use the new Emoji Kitchen feature and mix emoticons with the Gboard keyboard: here's how

Android users report: here comes an interesting new feature designed for those who like to use emoji during chat conversations. Soon you'll be able to give free rein to your imagination by mixing together icons, symbols and smilies.

It will be a real kitchen of creativity where people can mix together different ingredients to make the perfect smiley face recipe. Not surprisingly, Google has named the new feature Emoji Kitchen. It is here that people will be able to combine expressions, colors, objects, faces and create small works of art to share with their contacts. In short, you will no longer be able to say, "I can't find the right emoji to describe the moment". For the moment, this feature is only available for those who have Android devices and use the Gboard keyboard. Here how Emoji Kitchen works.

Emoji mixing: all about the novelty for Android

After the approval of 117 new emoji by the Unicode Consortium, comes an exclusive novelty for Android users. Emoji Kitchen is the feature that allows you to customize symbols and make chatting even more fun and expressive. What do we know so far?

First of all, Google doesn't offer total freedom, but it has selected a large group of emoji from those most used and loved by people, which can be combined with each other. Designers have created real mash-ups based on existing symbols, but they will only be able to be used in Google's keyboard, called Gboard.

When will the new feature arrive?

The feature is already being rolled out on several Android smartphones, and soon it will be able to be used by all users. To activate it, you need to make a long tap on any emoji. This will open a panel where you can associate it with other pre-selected ones.

The feature can be used on different messaging apps such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat and also on Gmail and other tools.

For example, you can put the cowboy hat on the head of the face that sends the kiss or the monkey or on the heart. You'll be able to put glasses on the faces, as well as different accessories. Also, you can combine seemingly incompatible symbols such as the cactus and the monkey or the robot and the sad face. The possibilities are really many and users will have fun trying out the various associations before finding the one suitable to express a concept.