Android P, new features and release date in Italy

Android Ice Cream Pistachio is expected between August and September. Among the novelties a new user interface and support for the iPhone X-style notch

While many smartphones are still receiving Android Nougat (7.0), and Android Oreo (8.0) has a penetration rate of less than 1%, people are already starting to talk about Android P, the ninth version of Google's mobile operating system. According to the latest rumors, the next version of the OS should be called Android Pistachio Ice Cream, following Google's tradition of giving each version a sweet-themed name.

From the United States come rumors about the innovations that will be introduced with Android P. According to what an internal Google source revealed to Bloomberg website, developers are working to make the graphical interface cleaner and easier to use for users. The goal is to convince iPhone users to cross the border and embrace the Android world (smartphones from the green robot dominate the mid-range and entry-level, but fail to do the same among the top of the range). With Android P there will be improvements in battery consumption and the iPhone X-style notch will be supported.

Android P, how the UI will change

After a few versions in which developers have focused more on optimizing between software and hardware, with Android P will return to work on the UI, trying to make it more linear and easy to use. There are still too many users who do not decide to switch from iOS to Android because of the greater ease of use of Apple's mobile operating system. Google wants to convince Apple fans that the green robot's operating system deserves a chance too.

And to convince them, with Android P there will also be support for the notch, the indentation present on the iPhone X and that in the coming months will also be present in many Android smartphones. So that the indentation doesn't create problems for applications, Google is working hard at the software level. In addition, the new version of the mobile operating system will also support flexible screens and any other form of display that will debut in the coming months and years. After all, the release of the Galaxy X (Samsung's flexible smartphone) is not that far away.

Google Assistant at the center of the Android world

The development work on Google Assistant to make it the engine of the mobile operating system continues. According to rumors reported by Bloomberg, the personal assistant will be integrated within all major applications. However, this work will take some time and will be completed with the next versions of the mobile OS.

Among the other innovations announced, there is also a lower battery consumption, a feature that is now repeated cyclically.

Improved user security

Android in recent years has become one of the operating systems most affected by the activities of hackers. Many infected apps from third-party stores are installed every day by users. These kinds of apps, besides carrying viruses and malware, are activated in the background and start using some of the device's components: microphone, processor and especially the camera. But with Android P all this will end. The programmer staff is developing a feature that will block background apps that use the camera, even if they have permission to do so. It is hoped, thus, to secure the privacy of users.

What will Android P be called

In the secret rooms of Google, Android 9.0 is called Androd Pistachio Ice Cream, but the official name may be different. We have to wait some more time to figure out what it will be.

When will Android P be released

Android P will be presented as every year during the Google I/O conference dedicated to developers. The 2018 edition will start on May 8 and will end on May 10. For the official release of Android P 9.0 we will have to wait for August-September.