Android poaches Windows, is almost the most used operating system

The mobile operating system has almost caught up with Windows in terms of users. Impacts the spread of smartphones in Asia, where mobile devices are more than PCs

There are no search statistics from Google to confirm that mobile devices are gradually taking over. StatCounter, a company specializing in collecting and analyzing data from the Internet, reveals that as of February 2017 Windows and Android have almost the same number of users.

After a long chase, which lasted more or less five years, the green robot operating system is almost at the same level as the operating system made in the house of Microsoft. Several factors have contributed to this climb by Android: the statistics of use of operating systems, however, have been mainly influenced by the price difference between smartphones and PCs (both desktop and laptop). Nei Paesi in via di sviluppo, infatti, i cellulari smart hanno ormai preso il posto dei computer e sono utilizzati non solo per chiamate e messaggistica, ma anche per la gestione dell’email e la scrittura di brevi documenti di testo.

Statistiche utilizzo Windows vs. Android

Leggendo le statistiche di utilizzo rilasciate da StatCounter nella prima metà di marzo 2017 – e basate sui dati di navigazione globale in Internet – si scopre che entrambi i sistemi operativi sono appaiati a una percentuale di poco inferiore al 40%. Le percentuali di utenti che navigano nel web da PC Windows è del 38,6%, mentre gli utenti Android connessi alla Rete sono il 37,4% del totale. Un risultato inimmaginabile fino a cinque anni fa, quando il sistema operativo mobile di Google aveva una fetta di mercato globale di appena 2,2% (mentre Windows era all’83%).


Windows and Android usage statistics updated in February 2017

Numbers that, in the end, do nothing but confirm what has been known for some time: the smartphone market, driven by developing countries, continues to grow steadily; the computer market, on the other hand, is hostage to a seemingly irreversible crisis that has been going on for several years now.

The Asia factor

Browsing through the StatCounter report, however, it's possible to get much more interesting data, which also help to identify the main factors of the exponential growth of Android. As it turns out, in fact, it's the push from Asian markets that has caused Google's operating system to grow so abruptly. If in North America and Europe Windows still maintains a good lead over Android (Windows usage statistics speak of a 20% and 28% gap respectively), in Asia the situation is completely reversed. 51.8% of Internet users surf from a mobile device, while only 29.8% connect from a computer.