Android, the trick you don’t know to free up memory

If your Android device is slowing down, you can use this trick to free up memory from apps and recover speed

When your smartphone or tablet starts to slow down, most likely your Android device's memory is almost at its limit. To recover speed and performance, the first suggestion is to free up memory, for example by clearing the cache of the apps you've been using.

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In order to clear cache and data on your device, you'll be forced to open app after app and arrange for them to be deleted. The path to follow is simple and the same for every app you've downloaded and installed on your smartphone or tablet, but the effect is assured. The task to free up memory takes time and patience, unless you decide to use a program that takes care of cleaning your device: these are programs provided by smartphone manufacturers for memory management, or downloadable and free apps like CCleaner.

Android, how to free up device memory

Step by step, we will explain how to free up your Android device's memory by proceeding to clean the cache and data app by app. This is a general process to follow, where only the name of the app will be the variable to consider.

First, open "Settings" on your device, select "Apps", or "Installed Apps" or "Apps and Notifications", depending on the version of Android you're using. Once you find the desired entry, select "App Info" and a long list of apps will open, containing all the ones installed on your device.

Open one, for example WhatsApp. It will open a menu that allows you to manage it, you click on "Storage and memory". You'll now have two items to choose from: "Clear data" and "Clear cache". If you select the first option, your app will be as good as new, deleting all the data and customizations associated with it, as if it had been reinstalled. Erasing its data, therefore, means resetting it to its initial settings, without losing any of the updates it has made.

Android, clear cache to free memory

If this step to free memory seems too drastic, you can then focus on the second option, which allows you to clear only the cache, that is, the "fast" memory of the device where the data related to the Android app is stored. These are files that are not visible to the user, but that are needed for the app to work, and that, above all, take up memory space without our noticing.

Just clearing the cache will allow you to recover precious MB, without having to proceed to data deletion that will force you to re-customize your app and login again. These operations we've just described will have to be performed for each of the apps you download to your smartphone or tablet, but they guarantee a good result for freeing up memory on your Android device.