Animal Crossing coming to smartphones

Nintendo will release an iOS and Android version of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in November. In the game we'll have to manage a campsite and our camper

Nintendo in this 2017 continues to bring back classic titles from its past. In addition to retro consoles and video games with a vintage taste, the Japanese company has thought of dusting off the title Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The Nintendo video game will make its debut on Android and iOS smartphones.

The choice of the Japanese company has partly displaced video game enthusiast users. Most console and gaming experts, in fact, had speculated a different end of 2017 for the Japanese company. With a greater commitment to the new Switch console and on the return of other retro titles. Instead Nintendo has decided to focus heavily on the sector gaming for smartphones by making a review of Animal Crossing. Although it must be said that the title is very similar to that already seen and played on Nintendo's fixed consoles. It is a game that is not easy to play on the phone and will appeal, perhaps, only to fans of the genre.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The plot of the game has not been changed, we will have to manage a campsite that has been entrusted to us. We won't have to design our own house, as in other versions, but we'll have a camper available that will be customizable. The classic functions of the game remain unchanged, so we'll be able to hunt fish and insects, chat with animals and organize parties and vacations. Nintendo's decision to make a mobile version of Animal Crossing has a purely commercial purpose: the title will have many items that can be purchased in-app. Especially compared to Nintendo's other video games. With the new version of Animal Crossing Nintendo hopes to earn from the various items that users will purchase to complete and make the video game more fun. Within the game there will also be virtual coins, which will be possible to buy with real money, to complete levels or buy items. New compared to the old titles are the functions for sharing the results obtained on social networks and messaging applications. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be available for free from November on both iOS and Android.

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