Anna: where to watch Niccolò Ammaniti’s new series

The famous Italian writer is working on a new TV project. It will be released on Sky and NOW TV from April. Here's the plot, cast and other release details.

Anna is the new TV series from Strega Prize-winning writer Niccolò Ammaniti and comes after the success of another of his TV projects, Il Miracolo. It is a dystopian series, which tells the journey of a girl in a post-apocalyptic world.

Anna is based on the novel of the same name by Ammaniti, published by Einaudi. The protagonist is played by the young actress Giulia Dragotto. Her objective will be to find her little brother Astor. She will move among uncultivated fields, deserted spaces and razed cities, where nature has taken back its spaces. The series is therefore a real challenge in the Italian panorama, which does not often deal with genres close to science fiction. Certainly the signature of Ammaniti will weigh on the final result, but the success will also be helped by the direction, entrusted to Francesca Manieri, who has already directed Il Primo Re, We are who we are and Il Miracolo. The series is commissioned by Sky Studios for Sky Italy, so it will be accessible to all subscribers to the service.

TV series Anna by Niccolò Ammaniti: the plot

Anna was born as a dystopian novel written by Niccolò Ammaniti. The plot of the series will take up that of the book and is centered on the journey undertaken by Anna, a girl of fourteen years very tenacious and brave.

Her goal is to find her little brother kidnapped during a pandemic, where the virus affects adults but not children. The girl moves in a post-apocalyptic scenario, where nature has taken over the space. We see her traveling through forests, abandoned cities, deserts, within a large island, which should be precisely Sicily. To get around, Anna relies on the instructions given by her mother and collected in a notebook, The Book of Important Things.

TV series Anna: cast and production

The cast is composed of several new proposals, young actors full of talent. In addition to the protagonist Giulia Dragotto, only 14 years old and chosen from over two thousand candidates, we will meet Alessandro Pecorella (in the role of Astor) who is 9 years old and also at his first appearance on TV. The mother instead is played by Elena Lietti, who has already worked on Ammaniti's other project, Il Miracolo and the film Tre Piani.

In the cast we also find Clara Tramontano and Giovanni Mavilla, respectively in the role of Angelica and Pietro, whom Anna will meet on her way, and Roberta Mattei (Veloce come il vento, Il Primo Natale).

Tv series Anna Niccolò Ammaniti: exit and where to watch it

The TV series will be broadcast on Sky and NOW TV. An interesting news is that the broadcaster for the first time will make available all the episodes in one go. So you will be able to watch the complete series from April 23, 2021.

The series is produced by Mario Gianani and Lorenzo Mieli with Lorenzo Gangarossa for Wildside, a Fremantle Group company, in co-production with ARTE France, The New Life Company and Kwaï. Fremantle is the international distributor.