Anni da cane: Achille Lauro in the new Italian Amazon film

The first Amazon Original film produced in Italy is coming to streaming. The film will also feature Achille Lauro, who wrote the song Io e te

Anni da cane is the first Amazon Original film produced in Italy. The young-adult comedy is directed by Fabio Mollo, who previously worked on Il padre d'Italia and the Curon series. It was presented at Alice nella Città, an autonomous and parallel section dedicated to the younger generations held as part of the Rome Film Festival.

The film also features Achille Lauro, with a cameo in which he plays himself. The Roman singer has also signed an unreleased song that will be part of the film and that is entitled "Io e te", written specifically for the film. The film is therefore an all-Italian project, where we also find a cast full of young talents, including the protagonist Aurora Giovinazzo, who plays Stella, and a face known to many, Federico Cesari, who has already played Martino in Skam Italia. The film tells the story of Stella, a girl struggling with the management of a trauma and other adolescent problems. After the presentation in Rome, the film will debut on the Amazon Prime Video platform on October 22, 2021.

Dog Years: plot and cast

The plot centers on the character of Stella, a shy and imaginative girl with a thousand torments that crowd her mind. After an accident in which her dog Piedino is also involved, she believes that her years are counted as those of this animal: one is worth seven. Stella, at the age of sixteen, thinks she is a centenarian and is convinced that she has very little time left to live. Consequently, she creates a list of things to do before she dies and, with the help of her friends, Nina and Giulio, begins to realize all her desires and live to the fullest. A meeting with Matteo will turn her plans upside down and cause her to rethink the future. The comedy is written by Mary Stella Brugiati and Alessandro Bosi.

In the cast there are many young Italian faces: Aurora Giovinazzo, Isabella Mottinelli, Federico Cesari, Luca Maria Vannuccini, Marta Losito, Romana Maggiora Vergano, Paola Gioia Kaze Formisano and Sabrina Impacciatore.

Anni da cane is a promising series, an Italian product that joins the other Amazon shows, from LOL: chi ride è fuori to FERRO, up to the recent Dinner Club.

Achille Lauro in Anni da Cane

The film will also feature the well-known singer Achille Lauro, who in addition to acting in a cameo, has also written an unreleased song, which will be released in the coming days. Lauro, parlando del film a Repubblica, ha detto di essere sempre attratto dalle novità e Anni da cane era una bella occasione. Lauro aveva già lavorato al cortometraggio Happy Birthday che venne presentato due anni fa a Venezia. Ha aggiunto di essere molto attratto dalla regia, infatti ha diretto alcuni suoi videoclip. Non rimane che attendere il 22 ottobre per guardare il film su Amazon Prime Video.

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