AnyDesk not working today, problems for remote desktop app

Since 9:00 a.m. on April 28, AnyDesk is not working. The remote virtual desktop app is having problems and won't allow connection. What's going on

Update 10:30 am. The problem seems to be fixed.

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AnyDesk is down: the remote desktop app, widely used in this period when most people work in smart working mode, doesn't work. The first reports came in at 9:00 am on April 28, the time when most people start working, so most likely the down has started a few hours earlier.

In a short time the reports are in the thousands, a sign that the problem is quite serious and does not concern only Italy. Doing a simple search on social networks you can see that the malfunction is global: there are reports from India, Germany and other parts of the world. For the moment we don't know the reasons that led to the AnyDesk downtime, but one of the causes could be the high number of users who are using the program these days. Never before have remote desktop apps played a fundamental role and more and more people are using them.

Why AnyDesk isn't working today

AnyDesk is a very popular application these days: it allows you to connect to another computer (such as a business computer) even if you are at home or in another part of the world. At a time when many people are working in smart working mode, apps like AnyDesk are essential to connect remotely to the desktop. And this could be one of the reasons why AnyDesk is not working at the moment.

Since 9:00 this morning thousands of users have reported problems with the application: AnyDesk is not working and does not allow to connect to the platform. The problem does not seem to concern only Italy, but seems to be generalized. On there are many reports in real time from users. We will keep you updated.