Apex Legends is not working today, what’s happening

Apex Legends servers are down since 7:30 pm: players try to launch the video game but can't play. What's happening

It's not a problem of your PC or your console: Apex Legends has been down worldwide for a few hours and doesn't allow any player to access the servers. The first reports came in around 7pm on April 3, 2019, and as time has gone on it has been a crescendo, with thousands of players taking to social media in hopes of finding an answer to their questions about why Apex Legends isn't working. 

Reading the reports that players are writing on downdetector.it, a website that collects user complaints when a service is down, the problem seems to have arisen after the release of a patch. The update was supposed to release new features, but instead deleted all the progress of players who found themselves at level 1. To solve the problem, Electronic Arts (the company that published the video game) has turned off access to the servers, making it impossible to access Apex Legends. Technicians are already working to solve the problem and in the next few hours Apex Legends should be back online.

Why Apex Legends is not working

Apex Legends, the video game developed by EA to counter the success of Fortnite and that since the early days has achieved great success with more than one hundred million registrations, does not allow players to access the servers. If you enter your personal profile, you will not find any server to play on: they are all turned off. The decision was taken by Electronic Arts to give the possibility to its technicians to solve a problem born in these hours after the release of an update. The patch, instead of solving bugs, has eliminated the progress of players, bringing them all to level 1. A real tragedy for those who have spent hours and hours playing Apex Legends and find themselves with all the progress deleted.

The technicians are working and already in the next few hours Apex Legends should be back online. If you want to play and Apex Legends is down, there are some great alternatives, such as Fortnite. We will follow the developments in the coming hours and let you know why Apex Legends is not working.