App Store, Apple toasts the new year with record sales

Apple's online store has set a new record: on New Year's Day alone, it collected over $240 million, 40% more than in 2015

Despite a 2016 below expectations, with sales of the new iPhone 7 that did not take off, Apple toasts the new year with record sales of the Apple Store. In fact, on New Year's Day, the online store of the Cupertino company has earned over 240 million dollars.

A result never recorded before and that goes to conclude a period, that of the Christmas vacations, which has allowed the Apple Store to increase dramatically the number of applications sold. In the month of December alone, the online store turned over three billion dollars, money that not only made Apple happy but also the app developers. For the Apple Store, 2016 ended with a bang, thanks to the launch of Super Mario Run, which in just four days exceeded forty million downloads (although less than 5% bought the paid version).

Apple Store: a dream 2016

The records of the Apple Store do not stop only on New Year's Day or in the month of December: the online store of the Mountain View company has billed over $20 billion, an increase of 40% compared to 2015. Money that will allow developers to have fresh money for the creation of new profitable applications. Although after the success, economic and downloads, obtained in 2016 by Pokemon Go, it will be very complicated to be able to repeat the same numbers. On the horizon we do not see applications capable of having the same success. But the software houses are definitely working to disprove our words,