Apple AirPower: what will the multi-device wireless charging pad look like

After years of waiting, we're starting to see the light: the new Apple product that will change the way Apple devices are managed could be coming soon

It's a question that cyclically returns to occupy the pages of magazines dedicated to the world of technology and that, previously, has always ended negatively, leaving experts and fans of the company dry-mouthed. Yet, this time Apple could really be on the right track to bring to the market a new (or maybe old?) and long-awaited device: what is it?

The possibility has been opened by Bloomberg, through the publication of a report dedicated to the new Apple product. According to Mark Gurman, the author of the newsletter "Power On" (channel of the media company dedicated specifically to the tech world), Apple would be working on the long-awaited multi-device wireless charging mat of which there has been much talk in the past, although then the issue has repeatedly ended with nothing done. A charging system, called video made in China in which the so-called "teardown" of the internal components of the device was carried out.

Apple AirPower, how will the device?

Following the initial idea, the mat would work as a charging station multi device, obviously all products from the bitten apple. To provide energy, as already anticipated, it is expected the use of wireless technology with which to carry out the complete process is holding the various devices near the base and positioning them at greater distances.

As pointed out by Gurman, the tool would differ completely from MagSafe, used for charging the iPhone and Apple Watch. What would make the difference is the idea of being able to provide power to devices without having to materially put them in contact with the charging base, thus going beyond the inductive wireless method currently in use that, in fact, always requires contact between device and support.

Apple AirPower, why is it important?

Widening the mesh of the question, Gurman also launches a further theory that could find a good support in the development work currently underway. The goal, according to the expert, would be to provide for the possibility of integrating reverse charging on the Apple Watch and AirPods in the future.

This would be another top player step forward for the Tim Cook-led company, especially in light of the milestones achieved by the company's smartwatches. In fact, according to the latest data from research and analytics firm Counterpoint, Apple's wearables would have grabbed 21.8 percent of industry sales, putting them at the top of the best-selling list.