Apple, coming new iPad and iPhone 12 without charger

The Cupertino company seems to be willing to remove from the packaging of its Apple phones both the charger and the headphones, thus lowering the list price

Apple takes away, Apple gives: according to the latest predictions of renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Cupertino company will remove the charger and headphones from the packaging of the next iPhone 12, but will put a more powerful charger in that of the next 10.8- and 8.5-inch iPads.

A farewell to the standard charger on the iPhone 12 was news that had already circulated in recent days, which Kuo is back to give for certain. Some news, however, Kuo offers us regarding the iPad and the reasons for these business choices of Apple. Previously, in fact, Kuo had spoken of a 9-inch iPad and not 8.5 inches. In addition the charger of both new iPads will be 20 Watt, so fast, and Apple will gradually remove the current 5 Watt and 18 Watt chargers from the market. Shortly afterwards the 12 Watt chargers will also disappear.

The new Apple chargers

At the moment Apple is selling the 5 Watt charger for 25 Euros, the 12 Watt for 25 Euros, the 18 Watt for 35 Euros plus other chargers from other manufacturers. They are all corded power supplies, USB-Lightning, and the cable is never included in the price (on average another 25 euros). According to Kuo, the new iPhones won't have a charger because Apple wants to save on the total price of the smartphone, which has grown due to the 5G modem. Apple's idea, then, is also to push the user to buy wireless chargers. The new 20-watt charger, however, will still be wired.

Why Apple wants wireless charging

The assumption that Apple wants to do away with wired charging in favor of wireless actually makes sense, especially for Apple and especially if the USB socket is also gone. A hypothetical iPhone with wireless-only charging and connectivity could take a good step forward in design and would allow Apple to tighten the strings of compatible charging devices a lot, forcing the user to use only Apple or licensed pads and chargers.

The New iPads

Already in May Ming-Chi Kuo predicted the arrival of two new iPad variants: a 10.8-inch and one with a diagonal between 8.5 and 9 inches. The latest news collected by the analyst confirm the arrival of a 10.8-inch iPad and an 8.5-inch one. They should both be equipped with Apple's A13 Bionic SoC and the larger one could arrive on the market by the end of the year, with presentation perhaps together with the iPhone 12. The new 8.5-inch iPad, however, according to Kuo will arrive within the first half of 2021.