Apple: coming the new AirPods and reverse charging on iPhone 12

According to a credible reconstruction iPhone 12 would have reverse wireless charging, but it will be activated only with the new AirPods headphones now close to launch

A few days after the arrival of the highly anticipated iPhone 12, Apple is already putting on the calendar the launch of the new AirPods and AirPods Pro earphones, expected according to the first rumors for the beginning of next year. But this would not be the only surprise: the new smartphones from Cupertino could already be equipped with reverse charging, although Apple has never told anyone.

The news was leaked by Bloomberg, which could thus have unveiled the plans of Cupertino to go to enrich with new products the catalog of its wearables, which together with accessories and Home products, reported in the last quarter of the year a gain of about $ 6.45 billion. Big numbers, especially if you think that the increase over last year was more than 16%. In this sector, Apple does not only include the AirPods, the flagship product for listening to music on the move, but also the Apple Watch, now in its 6th series, the Apple TV, as well as cases for smartphones and iPads and chargers for all devices produced.

Apple, what will the new AirPods look like?

The new AirPods models could accompany or follow the launch of the highly anticipated AirPods Studio, the first over-ear headphones from Apple. Aside from personal preference and needs that could lean towards the in-ear earbuds or the more massive separate model, it is likely that in either case the choice of a headset from Cupertino given now the absence of wired headphones in the package of the new iPhones.

In terms of design, the new AirPods should look very similar to the current model of AirPodsPro, however, showing a shorter length of the rods and the absence of the noise cancellation function. The AirPods Pro should also undergo a total makeover: no earpieces but only the section to be inserted in the ear for listening to sounds.

iPhone 12: what is reverse charging and how it works

Many thought it would arrive already with iPhone 11 but reverse charging was then removed from the final model, despite the fact that there were some components in the Pro model of 2019 obviously not working. A year has passed, so everything suggests that finally it could have been included permanently in the iPhone 12. Although reverse wireless charging is not included among the official specifications of the iPhone 12, therefore, in reality the smartphone could be equipped with it.

To prove it could be some details in the documentation of the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission of the United States, which would bring back some information on the wireless charging modes of the devices. In fact, in addition to the normal Q1 chargers, iPhone 12 would also have an additional feature, namely the 360 kHz charging function for accessories.

Nothing has yet been leaked by the Cupertino headquarters, however. At least until the release scheduled for next November, Apple might therefore decide to keep the secret tightly to surprise Apple tech enthusiasts. At the same time, however, reverse charging could only be enabled with the next-generation AirPods. If so, Apple would offer one more reason for its customers to switch headphones as well as smartphones.