Apple event on March 23: what will be presented

If you love Apple products, don't make any commitments for March 23, 2021: there could be a big online event to present new innovative products.

For days rumors have been going around about a possible Apple event, not officially confirmed, that should be held online on March 23. Like all Apple events, next week's event should also serve to present new products or new services to the world. Everyone is wondering, therefore, what Apple will present on March 23.

No one knows, but many make assumptions more or less credible. Many hypotheses, since there are many products (much less services) Apple could be presented during the event, and they are all highly anticipated. There are entire product lines that Apple must update and accessories, such as the third generation AirPods, which are expected for at least a year but have not yet seen the light. Just the AirPods 3 are the product that, according to many leakers and analysts, should not miss in the presentation on March 23, but they are not the only one. Here are the most credible rumors.

AirPods 3: presentation almost certain

If the event next Tuesday really takes place, it is almost certain that the AirPods 3 will be presented. The well-known and reliable electronics market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, in fact, already in October last year predicted that Apple will show the new wireless headphones by the first half of 2021. This is it, so the time is ripe.

The first generation of AirPods dates back to September 2016, while the second and current version was unveiled in October 2019. While in 2016 Apple was almost alone in the wireless headphones market, however, today the industry is much more crowded and competitors' products are up to Cupertino's headphones.

This is precisely why everyone believes that the arrival of the new generation is imminent, to re-establish Apple's superiority in this market thanks to a new chip for wireless connection and improved battery life. There will not be, however, the active noise cancellation algorithm so as not to overlap the product with the already existing AirPods Pro.

New iPads, MacBook Pros and Macs: is it time?

In addition to the wireless headphones, there are many Apple products that could be announced next week. Starting with the now famous iPad 2021 with a mini LED screen and processor similar to the M1 of the recent 13-inch MacBook Air and Pro.

And, speaking of MacBook Pro, for a few months now there has been speculation of an imminent launch of the new 16-inch model, with an even more powerful processor than the M1. Finally, remaining to the possible new models of Apple computers with M1 processor (or its derivative, more powerful), we must mention the new iMac and the new Mac Pro of which, however, today we have only hypotheses.