Apple event on October 18: what will be presented

Monday, October 18 will be the day of Apple, the second event in just over a month. Here are the products that will be presented and the expected news

It was widely expected by the rumors of recent months an Apple event for the fall, and a few days ago came the official confirmation: in Cupertino will be held an event, streaming, on October 18. The company has not announced what will come out, but rumors already seem to be quite informed about the contents.

There are many doubts that Apple will present a revision of MacBook Pro and AirPods, the headphones that with their qualities have attracted several Android customers. In addition, a higher level Mac mini could also arrive, designed for those who need a Mac to support their professional activity. For all three products, in addition to a technical update, there should be an aesthetic update, which should align MacBook Pro M1X and Mac mini to the stylistic strand squared inaugurated with the iPhone 12, while AirPods third generation should be more similar to the current AirPods Pro.

MacBook Pro with M1X chip

A fairly major revision of the MacBook Pro project will arrive. It will have the M1X chip, which is a performance key revision of the chip unveiled last year, with eight high-performance and two high-efficiency cores, and a 16- or 32-core graphics chip. It should be configurable with 64GB of RAM, but some rumors predict a maximum 32GB denomination.

Well-informed people have reported that the connectivity of MacBook Pro M1X will reach a very high level. There will be MagSafe for charging, HDMI and SD card input, the latter being particularly useful for professionals. The Touch Bar, which hasn't been all that convincing, could make way for more simple and immediate function keys.

The display will be one of the MacBook Pro M1X components that will improve the most by adopting the mini LED technology that debuted on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The precise backlighting will offer higher contrasts and deep blacks, qualities similar to OLEDs but without the danger of burn in. There could also be a 120 Hz refresh rate, which is already present on the iPad Pro and iPhone 13 Pro.

Mac mini with M1X chip

The MacBook Pro hardware, with M1X and RAM up to 64 GB, could also arrive on Mac mini, Apple's desktop computer that could thus be an extra option for those who don't need a portable product.

It should arrive with four more inputs than the current Mac mini: four Thunderbolt 3, two USB-A, Ethernet and HDMI. Possibly coming with the 24-inch iMac's magnetic connector.

AirPods 3

The third-generation AirPods are long overdue, as the current one dates back to 2019: there's no particular uncertainty that they'll be unveiled at the October 18 event.

The AirPods 3 are rumored to have a design closer to that of the current AirPods Pro, with shorter stems but likely no ear architecture. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple will continue to sell the second-generation model, making them "affordable" AirPods so that even those without a big budget can still get their hands on a pair of wireless headphones with enviable functionality.