Apple fixes Macbook Air with faulty motherboard for free: which ones are

After battery issues affecting some MacBook Pros, Apple is grappling with a new hardware grit. Here's what we know

There seems to be no peace for Apple. After announcing two weeks ago a voluntary recall program for some 15-inch MacBook Pro retina, the Cupertino house that also has to deal with a malfunction of the MacBook Air 2018.

If for the MacBook Pro the cause of the problem concerned a possible overheating of the battery present in the units produced from September 2015 to February 2017, this time the problem seems to be related to the motherboard mounted by the bitten apple laptop. Again, the repair is free and is valid up to four years from the date of purchase. Obviously, as always, Apple limits the repair intervention to the logic board only and does not perform free interventions on any accidental or other damages that are not covered by the warranty.

MacBook Air 2018: the problem encountered

At the moment, the real causes of the problem are still unclear. It seems that some symptoms found on the MacBook Air affected by the malfunction concern power and the inability to turn on the machine at first boot, difficulties that owners of the "defective" units should have already experienced. Anyway, on Apple's website there is still no specific indication, a sign that the problem may involve only a small number of machines.

MacBook Air 2018: the affected models

The specific model affected is the 13" MacBook Air Retina manufactured in 2018. Notably, only certain serial numbers seem to experience the described issue. Apple will send an email as soon as possible to all customers who own the failed units, alternatively just log on with Apple's support website for assistance after indicating the serial number of your 2018 MacBook Air. To get the serial number just open the menu by clicking on the "Apple" in the top left corner and select the "About this Mac" item. The serial number is the one indicated in the last line of the window that appears.