Apple, free iPad display replacement: which models

Apple has launched a free program to replace some third-generation iPad Airs that have a white screen problem. Here's how to do it

The Cupertino-based company has launched a free repair program for third-generation iPad Airs due to a display issue that causes them to display permanent white screens. Owners of the devices affected by this malfunction may see a brief flicker or a small flash before the screen turns totally white, rendering the iPad effectively unusable. As stated by Apple, this is almost certainly a manufacturing error for which the bitten apple brand has initiated a completely free service program.

Usersersersers affected by this problem can go to any Apple Store, show their third-generation iPad Air and see if the device falls under the free replacement program. Alternatively, one can ask Apple Support via email what to do. Here's the procedure to follow.

iPad: the affected models

Apple has announced on its website that the iPad models affected by the screen replacement program are a limited number, specifically it's the devices produced between March 2019 and October 2019. Only these models have this anomaly and the damaged displays will be replaced at no cost to owners. Owners of the "offending" tablets can contact an Apple Authorized Service Center or Apple Reseller, who will proceed to ascertain whether or not the iPad is covered by the free repair program.

Or you can contact Apple Support via email and arrange a pickup of the device through the Apple Repair Center. In case your iPad Air is covered by the program, remember to back up your data to iCloud or your computer, then you can choose the most convenient way to proceed with the repair.

iPad: the repair program

The repair program launched by the Cupertino company will be valid for two years. The third-generation iPad was launched exactly one year ago, in March 2019, and this will allow, those who will soon buy a third-generation iPad, to access the free repair in case this screen anomaly occurs after the purchase.

In addition, Apple makes it known that, if the iPads affected by the screen problem will have other damage that can prevent the free repair, any damage must be repaired before proceeding with the screen.