Apple hires a former Tesla: Apple Car coming soon

Apple has reshuffled the team working on electric cars: from Tesla arrives Christopher Moore and the Apple Car project goes on

No calm from the parts of Cupertino, where many insiders are convinced that they work almost non-stop to the realization of an electric car that for the moment is known as Apple Car - name also plausible to look at the philosophy with which for years the Apple approaches the names of its products.

In the last few hours yet another piece has gone to its place: Apple has hired the former Tesla Christopher "CJ" Moore, who in the past has held positions of "weight" in the realization of software Autopilot Tesla. The executive will go to work alongside one of his former colleagues, Stuart Bowers that Apple had previously "snatched" once again to the company of Elon Musk. In short, if on the one hand Apple is focused as always on its software ecosystem - it is said that an operating system for the home is in development - it is clear that from the parts of Cupertino in one way or another is going forward with an eye to the future of mobility by hiring the best of human resources.

For the Apple Car is "fishing" from Tesla

According to information obtained by Bloomberg, Apple has welcomed in the staff Christopher Moore, former head of Autopilot Tesla. "CJ" Moore, says the American newspaper, will report directly to Stuart Bowers, another former Tesla man that Apple has put under contract at the end of 2020 and who was in charge of Autopilot from mid-2019.

The Apple Car would therefore continue its development in great secrecy, even if from time to time - as on this occasion - something escapes the tight mesh of Cupertino. Apple has never confirmed the existence of the project of an electric self-driving car, but it has not denied the rumors that have been going around for months, for years. The Apple car would be known by the project name Project Titan, and the development would continue between ups and downs. In September, Doug Field, who is said to be in charge of the project, left Apple to join Ford.

Keeping the utmost secrecy on a project so ambitious and in some ways cumbersome is clearly difficult, so despite the efforts information filter out. Impossible, for example, to keep quiet to the world about the 70 or so test cars that the California DMV has authorized in Cupertino to field test autonomous driving systems, which from time to time must be tried and if necessary revised.

Apple Car or just an autonomous driving system?

Christopher Moore has left Tesla after declaring his opposition to the statements of the histrionic Elon Musk: totally wrong, in his opinion, the promises of Musk according to which the level 5 autonomous driving would arrive on the road in a couple of years at most. The current system is a level 2, and requires the driver to keep his hands on the steering wheel, while a level 5 car relegates to the past the concept of driver, being able to carry passengers around without human intervention.

For the moment, the only thing more certain than others is the existence of Project Titan, which could hide a real car of Apple, the Apple Car in fact, or an autonomous driving system made by Apple "at Apple", with the latter hypothesis that is gradually gaining ground. Whether in the end the car is made or not, however, now seems certain the realization of an autonomous driving system.