Apple, in October comes a cheap MacBook and the new Mac mini

For Cupertino it promises a leading autumn, first Apple will present the three new iPhones 2018 and then it will launch on the market a MacBook Air and a Mac Mini

For Apple it promises a busy autumn 2018. The U.S. company in fact will present three new iPhone models in mid-September and then in October Cupertino will launch a new cheap MacBook and the Mac Mini.

Apple is thinking about a "low-cost" revolution of its devices, in addition to the new iPhone 9 with LCD screen that will cost less than the other two models iPhone X2 and iPhone X Plus, Cupertino will also launch on the market two new cheap Macs. The new Mac mini will almost certainly be designed exclusively for workers and businesses. It will be a very useful solution for businesses that need storage and processing machines compact and easy to use. To meet the needs of professionals, the new Mac mini will have new processors and also new file storage techniques. The new MacBook Air, on the other hand, will have a 13-inch screen with Retina technology.

Features Apple Mac Mini

The Mac minis currently on the market have different solutions with regard to storage space: there are those with 500 GB and 1 TB hard drives, the units "Fusion" 2TB and then the 1TB model with solid state drives (SSD). As for the processors at the moment we find a Core i7 3.0GHz with integrated Intel HD graphics supported by 16GB of RAM as maximum processing capacity.

On the next Mac mini we will find an Intel processor of last generation and well 32GB of RAM. In addition, SSD drives will increase their storage space at least up to 2TB. As for connectivity we will find Thunderbolt 3 ports in USB-C format and also an updated version of HDMI optimized for high-resolution displays. As for the chassis, it should be the same as in the past (sturdy steel painted gray in iMac Pro style).

Features 13-inch MacBook Air 

With the new MacBook Air, Apple intends to reach a fairly wide target of users. The device is designed for students and schools who do not want to spend a large sum of money for a new computer and who are looking for a reliable device. It is an entry-level computer according to what leaks from Apple and will have a 13-inch screen with Retina technology and especially thin side bezels to simulate the Full-View aspect to which we are getting used on smartphones. As for prices, the first forecasts speak of a cost ranging between 1,000 and 1,200 euros.