Apple launches a recall program for iPhone 6S batteries

Apple has found that some iPhone 6S models are shutting down suddenly due to a problem caused by a faulty battery

Apple seems to have discovered why iPhone 6Ss are shutting down automatically and reassures that it is not a safety issue - which translated practically means that it does not cause overheating or explosion risks - but only affects a limited number of iPhone 6S models. shut down automatically and reassures that it's not a safety issue - which translated into practice means it doesn't cause overheating or explosion risks - but the malfunction only affects a limited run of iPhone 6S units produced between September and October 2015.

Those who have experienced this glitch, however, are advised to visit an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Center, which will check the device's serial number and, if it falls within the iPhone 6S models included in that given serial number range, will replace the battery free of charge. Users who have already replaced the defective battery on their own initiative will be entitled to a refund from the Cupertino company. This is the second global recall by Apple in just a few days after the iPhone 6 Plus screen issue.

Apple's Repair Tips

The Cupertino giant, in the page dedicated to the iPhone 6S battery replacement program, asks customers to perform a few steps before taking their smartphone in for repair. First of all, back up your data to iTunes or iCloud, turn off the "Find My iPhone" feature and, finally, clear your data and settings in Settings> General> Restore> Clear Content and Settings. Be careful, though, if the iPhone in question is damaged in some way such as, for example, it has a broken display that compromises the battery replacement, this problem will need to be fixed before the battery replacement. And, in some cases, there may be an additional cost.