Apple Maps copies Google: here are the new features

Do you use Apple Maps? Soon this application will be updated and will resemble Google Maps, both in graphics and functions. Check out the new features

That Google Maps has long since become the benchmark for the satellite navigation industry, both standalone and for smartphones, is nothing new at all. It's not surprising, then, if direct competitors are "inspired" by the dozens of features that Big G's digital mapping app offers its users.

During yesterday's WWDC 2019, for example, Apple Maps' new features were presented and it's impossible to notice some similarities with features already present in Google's platform. One example out of all: the new viewing mode that closely resembles Google Street View. In short, from the next update of iOS 13, Apple Maps users will be able to explore the surroundings thanks to the images captured by Apple cars that in recent months are beating the streets of half the world (including Italy).

Apple Maps: new features

Apple Maps has grown and now can safely compete with Google Maps. And it will do so more and more, also because new features will soon arrive that will be very similar to those of Big G's app. The two navigators will resemble each other in several ways, starting with its version of Street View, which will allow you to explore roads and maps thanks to photos captured by Apple cars. This new feature will also enable 360-degree view, so you can see everything around a point of interest.

The maps will be much more accurate thanks to a careful work of recording data and images that developers have performed in recent years. In this case, the company has driven specific cars and even powerful drones all over the United States and other countries around the world to map and photograph roads. And on this aspect, too, it has drawn inspiration from Google's methodology. On the other hand, Apple has been trying to increase the users of its navigation app for years. To achieve the result, it has decided to rebuild from scratch all the mapping, targeting the graphics and functions offered by Big G, which for example shows how many people visit a place. Getting to such high standards would allow to increase the number of users.

When will the Apple Maps update be available?

The new Apple Maps will arrive along with iOS 13, although the official release date is not yet known, nor which users will be able to use it from day one. Surely everything will happen before the end of the year. At first, the updated maps will only be available in the United States and some other countries. For the time being, a demo has been released, which looks much smoother and more complete than Google's, meaning that there could indeed be direct competition between the two development houses.