Apple new program to repair your own devices: how it works

Apple has expanded its pilot project by simplifying the procedures to become a Certified Service Center. Here's how to join the initiative

Apple has made available to its customers a new program aimed at simplifying the repairs of iPhones out of warranty.

Apple announces a change of course, allowing more service centers, both large and small, to use the same parts and original tools, as well as repair manuals and the same training as Apple Authorized Service Centers.

For now, the new iPhone repair program will start only in the United States and then be extended to other European countries, including Italy. The 5,000 Apple Authorized Service Centers will be joined by a number of new independent stores, expanding the service network worldwide.

Apple: Independent Service Centers

Service centers that intend to join the new independent repair program must rely on an Apple-certified technician capable of performing repairs to qualify. The certification procedures are simple, quick and free and must be completed online by logging on to the dedicated page on Apple's website. Once qualified as an independent service center, it will be Apple's task to send the necessary material to start the activity, i.e. original spare parts, tools, training, repair and diagnostic manuals, all at the same costs incurred by Apple Authorized Service Centers.

Apple: the pilot service program in the USA

In 2018, the Cupertino-based company launched a pilot program to which as many as 20 independent service centers in North America, Europe and Asia have joined, able to offer repairs made with original spare parts. Now comes the expansion of the pilot project to give Apple users the opportunity to find the nearest service center, without having to travel hundreds of miles.