Apple releases first beta of macOS Monterey: new features

The first public beta of macOS 11 Monterey is online. Apple was very quick: those who have a supported mac can install it now, here's how

Just two betas closed to developers were enough for Apple to stabilize macOS Monterey just enough to send out for everyone the first public beta. The first public beta of macOS 11 therefore coincides with the second developer beta, but despite the firmware is obviously already quite stable, the installation is not recommended for those who use the mac on a daily basis.

Installing a beta firmware, although relatively stable, exposes you to bugs, instability, incompatibility with applications, potential problems that become more nuanced as the beta versions progress: the one for macOS Monterey is only the first. And in fact, for example, it lacks Universal Control, a feature that allows you to share mice and keyboards between Apple devices, especially Macs and iPads, which will arrive only later. Almost in parallel to the first public beta for macOS Monterey has started the distribution of public betas for iOS, iPadOS and WatchOS, and even in this case it is not recommended to install it to all those who are looking for stability and security.

How to install the first public beta of macOS Monterey

First of all, to start being part of Apple's beta program you must accept the terms of use and register your device, you can do everything at this address. After that the rest is... "Apple style", that is very simple: the update with the beta firmware is sent directly in the System Preferences under Software Update.

You can then update your Mac using the notification that alerts you of an update, or go directly to Software Update from System Preferences. The mechanism of public betas works because it allows companies, in this case Apple, to receive help from users in solving bugs, which can be either related to functionality or to the Italian translation. The betas are therefore equipped with a Feedback Assistant application that allows you to directly send a bug report to Apple.

Of course, in addition to this, the betas have active "telemetry" functions: as in a Formula 1 race, the public betas collect usage and diagnostic data that are sent to the manufacturer to analyze the behavior of the firmware. Dati che, neanche a dirlo, sono anonimi e la cui raccolta e l’invio accrescono di un minimo il consumo del mac. I dati includono informazioni su crash, blocchi, kernel panic e informazioni su come utilizzi software, hardware e servizi Apple e di terze parti, e in linea teorica potrebbero essere usati per capire quello che una persona sta facendo. Si può interrompere l’invio di questi dati nella scheda Privacy del pannello Sicurezza e Privacy di Preferenze di Sistema.

I mac compatibili con macOS 11 Monterey

  • macOS 11 Monterey è compatibile con:
  • MacBook (2016 e successivi)
  • MacBook Air (2015 e successivi)
  • MacBook Pro (2015 e successivi)
  • Mac mini (Fine 2014 e successivi)
  • iMac (2015 e successivi)
  • iMac Pro (2017)
  • Mac Pro (2013 e successivi)