Apple says goodbye to the low-cost iPhone

Bad news for owners of Apple's iconic low-cost iPhone: according to a French site in Cupertino, they have decided that it will no longer receive iOS updates

During the course of next year, Apple will introduce iOS 16 and ensure that many iPhones and just as many iPads will be updated to the new version. However, not all devices currently updated to version 15 of the operating system could benefit from the features that will be introduced by its successor.

According to reports from the French site iPhonesoft, in fact, many devices that debuted in 2015 and 2016 will not be updated to iOS 16. When it comes to Apple, the conditional is a must, because it has already been able to surprise us in previous years with unexpected and sometimes surprising moves. Nothing will be official until WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) 2022 that should be held in June next year with the introduction of version 16 of the operating system for mobile devices. In any case, Apple will not abandon its most loyal customers and will continue to keep their devices safe, ensuring minimum support.

Which Apple devices will not receive iOS 16

The news is to be taken with a pinch, because already last year iPhonesoft had claimed that iPhone 6s and iPhone SE would not receive the update to iOS 15, although things turned out very differently. At the time, it must also be said, many believed this based on Apple's previous policy regarding support for obsolete and vintage devices.

However, iPhonesoft reveals that, according to an inside source, the company would like to discontinue updates for the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and the first iPhone SE (the one from 2016). Likewise, iPad mini 4, Air 2, fifth-generation iPad and the 2015 iPad Pro models would also be dropped. However, it should be noted that Apple's efforts have been going on for over 5 years to keep its devices updated and eliminate any bugs that are dangerous to user privacy and security.

This would also have another important implication: it would mean that iOS 16 needs Apple's A10 chipset as a minimum requirement to introduce the new features.

Apple: what users should expect

Those who own one of the above mentioned devices won't have to worry, however, because Apple will continue to support previous versions of the operating system as well. iOS 15, in fact, will continue to receive security patches and will allow you to extend the life of your iPhone, including the first budget model in the range, iPhone SE.

It's still too early to get official confirmations from the American giant and it's not excluded that they might surprise us this time as well. In any case, we can expect a lot of interesting details about the features introduced on iOS 16 to emerge soon.

The new operating system could debut right on iPhone SE 3, the next low-cost smartphone that the bitten apple company should present in 2022.