Apple Support, the application is now also available in Italy

The Cupertino-based company extends support for the application to Italy as well. Apple Support allows you to get tips and information on Apple devices

After two months from the official launch in the Netherlands, Apple makes Apple Support, the application that allows users to request an appointment at the Genius Bar and offers guides and articles to solve the problems that plague the devices of the bitten apple, available also in Italy.

With the development of Apple Support, the Cupertino-based company is trying to improve the services offered to users in the hope of decreasing the waiting time for troubleshooting problems with iPhones and other Apple devices. Apple Support makes available to users some services that are usually available only on the website of the Cupertino company: thanks to the application will take just a few seconds to request help from Apple staff. The application can be downloaded free of charge directly from the Apple Store.

What is Apple Support

With Apple Support users can receive help from the employees of the Cupertino company directly via smartphone, email or via the chat within the application. In addition, you can book an appointment at the Genius Bar or read in-depth articles on how to solve problems with the Cupertino company's devices. Apple Support was initially launched in the Netherlands, while last year it also arrived in the United States. As of today, however, it is officially available in 22 other countries, including Italy. This is great news for all iPhone users who will be able to solve their problems with just a few clicks on their smartphones.