Apple TV 4K, the set-top box to watch movies at home

The new version of the Apple TV home has the same processor as the iPad Pro and allows you to play the best video games on the App Store on your TV

Among the devices presented by Apple today there is also the new Apple TV 4K, the set-top-box that connects to your TV and magically transforms it into a smart device. As you can tell from the name, the most interesting feature of the set-top-box is the support for 4K resolution and HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology that improves image quality.

Logically, in order to fully exploit the potential of the Apple TV 4K you need to have a TV that supports this resolution and HDR. The Cupertino company's goal is to convince even smart TV owners to buy the new set-top-box. Connecting the Apple TV 4K to your TV will give you access to all the apps in the App Store, as well as communicate with Siri and make it easier to choose the program you want to watch in the evening.

Apple TV 4K, the set top box as powerful as the iPad Pro

The Cupertino company has completely revolutionized its set top box. Not only has it integrated support for 4K and HDR, but it has mounted inside the same processor found on the iPad Pro: the A10X Fusion Tri-Core. Compared to the previous version of the Apple TV, this is a set-top-box with double the power and four times the graphics performance. To support the A10X Fusion chipset there are also 3GB of RAM. To stream content with a 4K resolution you need a bandwidth of 15 Mpbs.

The choice to mount such powerful hardware is very clear: the Cupertino company bets a lot on the world of video games and is convinced that the Apple TV 4K can turn into a small console. But for the moment there is only one tiny problem: the remote control of the set top box is not designed for video games.

Automatically updated content

Apple has announced that movies and TV series with 4K HDR resolution will cost the same as those with FullHD resolution. In addition, users who have purchased content with a 1080p resolution will be able to automatically upgrade it to 4K resolution at no additional cost. Streaming video apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will also release an update with support for 4K HDR very soon.

Controlling your television through Siri

With the arrival of the new tvOS 4.0 operating system, Siri is becoming more and more central in people's lives. Thanks to the personal assistant, it will be possible to choose which program to watch in the evening through voice commands. Moreover, by the end of the year, features dedicated exclusively to watching sports programs will be implemented. It will be enough to say: "I want to watch the Lakers" to tune in to the game of the Los Angeles team. At first, these features will be available only for the U.S. market.

View images from your TV

The Apple TV 4K also allows you to view images and videos from your iPhone directly on your TV. This will be possible thanks to AirPlay. This makes the set top box increasingly central to family entertainment.

Apple TV 4K Price and Availability

The Apple TV 4k will be available for pre-order from September 15 and will be released on September 22. Initially, it will only be available in the United States and will later arrive in 21 countries. For the 32GB model the price will be 199 euros, while for the 64GB version you will have to shell out 219 euros. The Cupertino company will also put on sale a model of fourth-generation Apple TV without support for 4K: the cost will be 159 euros. In Italy will certainly come this last version.